King of the Grill’s New Workstation

Sherry’s husband has been slowly accumulating a lot of outdoor cooking gear on their back porch. It was getting to the point where “he really did need some sort of area for prep and to handle all the food that he is cranking out.” So Sherry, who blogs at Upcycle Addict, used an old dresser to surprise her “amazing BBQ King” with a smokin‘ Father’s Day present.

dresserThis dresser had been hanging out in a garage for years with lots of, um, critters calling it home, so it was “very very nasty.” Sherry scraped and bleached it, then used homemade chalk paint and sealed it with a stain. She cut a piece of veneer to cover the back of the dresser, then added wheels, signs, a paper towel holder, and a basket for holding spices. Sherry says, “I think I earned the best wife award for this one.” Um, yeah she did!

grilling-island-from-dresserTo see more pictures of how this fabulous work station turned out (you’ve got to check out the back!), go see Sherry at Upcycle Addict.

Feeling Green with Envy for this Potting Bench

Last year, Stacy of Vintage Scrap Shop saw a free piece of furniture on the curb in her neighborhood. She says, “At first glance it looked like nothing more than a pile of potential firewood but thankfully I managed to take a 2nd look & saw what appeared to be an old potting bench.” So what else could she do? She loaded it into her car and brought it home to give it a new life.

potting-benchThis run-down piece needed “a little wood glue, new screws & some fresh new paint” to freshen up. She went with a dark green paint for the bench. For the metal top and the grid shelf on the bottom, Stacy used a black spray paint that delivers a hand-hammered look. She also found a white plastic tub and a wire basket to fit perfectly into the empty sink slot. I’d be thrilled to have this beauty in my back yard, wouldn’t you?

green-painted-potting-bench To read more about this rescue (and to see the list of products she used) go to Vintage Scrap Shop.

Painting Plastic Adirondack Chairs

“A neighbor down the street couldn’t fit her two green plastic adirondack chairs in her moving truck,” tells Amy at Sweet ‘n Sour Gumballs.   “These chairs were on their way to the dump until I intercepted.”  It just so happened that Amy had recently cleared away a spot in her backyard that was just perfect for a couple of nice chairs.


The only catch?  Well, these faded green chairs weren’t exactly nice.  No worries, though, Amy knew that a little paint and TLC was all it would take to fix them up.  After washing and drying the chairs, she sprayed them down with white paint in a satin gloss.  She recommends painting over plastic with a combo plastic primer + paint.  The white chairs look fantastic in her backyard with the addition of some preppy red striped pillows.  Here’s to summer!


Get all of Amy’s painting tips and info on how she styled her backyard seating area at Sweet ‘n Sour Gumballs.

Outdoor Chair Makeover

“I almost missed these bamboo chairs as my dad and I went cruising past them one day. We quickly doubled back and snagged them and I am sure glad we did!” says Jess over at Bright Green Door.


Jess used spray paint to make the chairs bright and white.  The 80’s cushions got revitalized with new fabric.  “Now these chairs anchor our entire front porch and are the perfect restored vintage chair,” Jess tells us happily.  They definitely look like the perfect spot for some front porch sittin’!


Get all the details on this outdoor chair makeover at Bright Green Door.

Farmhouse Table from Fence Wood



Sabine was inspired by some of Ana White’s plans when she built this table.  No trips to the hardware store were made for the construction of this table–Sabine used things she already had on hand.  It was a pretty simple build followed up by some stain on the legs and a whitewashed tabletop.   “The table reminds me of my grandmother’s farmhouse table that her dad built for them. Some of our best conversations took place at this table, and I am hoping to make memories with my kids at my table,” Sabine tells us.


Make sure you click over to learn more about this project at Mom in Music City.

Wicker Sectional Gets a Brand New Look

Over at Somewhat Quirky, Karen’s friend discovered this old Ficks Reed wicker corner sectional in the garbage.  It was an odd shape, but deep enough to comfortably enjoy taking a nap outside on the porch, so she asked Karen to help her give it a makeover.

Wicker sectional corner piece

The rattan piece was actually in pretty good shape, considering it’s initial appearance.  Very few repairs were necessary on the wicker, which Karen’s friend painted a pretty shade of country blue.  Karen’s job was the cushions.  She was able to salvage the original foam, covering it in durable outdoor fabric with blue piping to match the rest of the chair.  Can I come over and spend some time in this comfy chair?

Recovered Wicker Corner sectional

Click over to Somewhat Quirky to find out more about this wicker sectional makeover.

Old Storage Becomes New Outdoor Decor

When Kelli from Lolly Jane was a newlywed, her mom bought her this cabinet for much-needed storage in a tiny apartment.  On a whim, Kelli painted it with sage green craft paint one night while her husband was working late.  Recently, she decided to give it new life as a garden cart.


As you can see in the before picture, the cabinet had chicken wire on the doors.  Wanting something a little less revealing for outdoor storage, Kelli replaced the chicken wire with beadboard.  She painted the insets on the cabinets white, and the rest of the the cabinet a lovely shade of coral pink.  On the sides, she created a herringbone pattern for visual interest.  Caster wheels and new hardware finish off this old cabinet into a perfect little garden cart.


Find out more about the materials and techniques used in this makeover, visit Lolly Jane.

Rawr! Animal Print Card Table Makeover

Kim of Coastal Star Decor is lucky enough to have a spot at the beach for her RV.  In need of some outdoor furniture for using on the deck space outside her RV, she was happy to find this card table in the trash.


The little table was in pretty bad shape, but that didn’t stop Kim!  She saw potential.  Kim painted the metal parts a bright shade of turquoise blue–perfect for the beach, right?  To cover up the unsightly top of the table, she covered the old vinyl with contact paper in a fun zebra stripe pattern.  It’s the perfect addition to her surfside lounge area!


To find out more about this project, head over to Coastal Star Decor.