Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

Marty and her husband, Tim, worked on this project together and blogged about it at Marty’s Musings.  Tim reports that thanks to Pinterest, he rarely evhoer tosses scrap wood into the fire, anymore.  Now he’s using it to make holiday decorations.

Tim swears that turning old fence posts into a Christmas tree only took a matter of minutes.  Marty took over from that point, adding lettering and decorations to really make this simple decoration a meaningful part of their family’s Christmas celebration.  I love the sentiment it expresses, and the weathered wood is especially symbolic for the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Read more about what Tim and Marty did to complete this project at Marty’s Musings.

Barnwood Media Tower

Brooke from Killer B Designs couldn’t help but get excited when she got her hands on a bunch of old wood from a broken ranch fence. The grayed boards were perfect for building a rustic media tower and only required the purchase of a few 1x2s for a frame.

pile of old wood

Brooke says, “The best part about using old reclaimed fence boards? The free price tag!.. Considering the cost of purchasing something this size would be around the $100 mark for pressed particle board (and around $400-$700 for a “barnwood” piece I found online) I’d say that $5 is quite a steal!”

barnwood media tower

Check it out at Killer B Designs.