Office Chair Makeover

Over at How Joyful, Joy had an office chair that was pretty beat up, and she didn’t like the dark leather look of it.  But the chair was still so comfortable to sit in that she decided to give it another chance before throwing it out.

how joyful before

Joy decided to make slipcovers for the fabric parts of the chair and spray paint the rest.  First she took apart the entire chair.  Joy used outdoor cotton canvas, velcro, and elastic to sew covers for the chair back and seat, and stapled fabric covers onto the arm rests.  While the chair was disassembled, she used spray primer and white spray paint to coat all the metal and plastic parts of the chair with fresh white paint.  After putting the chair back together, Joy was rewarded with very impressive results!  And I don’t know about you, but I’m digging the polka dots!

how joyful after

Visit Joy at How Joyful to get much more detailed instructions on making slipcovers and more.

Bankers Chair Makeover

Over at Batchelors Way, Ronda snagged this bankers style chair at her local Salvation Army for just $5!  The vinyl on the arms and seat were in pretty bad shape, but it was structurally sound.  Ronda was determined to put in in her office.

Before it found a home in her office, though, the chair was in dire need of a makeover.  Ronda transformed it with paint and a cheerful yellow print.  It looks gorgeous, but what’s really amazing is that it was Ronda’s first try at reupholstery!  Impressive results.

Ronda has plenty of information about how she transformed this bankers chair at Batchelors Way.

Reupholstered Yellow Office Chair

Most office chairs are pretty boring to look at. Why not liven things up a bit and work in style like Kendra over at My Insanity? She took this old, ugly desk chair and gave it a fresh and fun look.


With the help of her mother, Kendra jazzed up the blah black plastic with some yellow spray paint and then reupholstered the seat with a modern floral print. Kendra says, “The chair screamed tedium before. Now it looks like a party is happening at my desk!”


Read more at My Insanity.

Reupholstered Office Chair

Jennifer from Monkey See, Monkey Do found a basic, inexpensive black computer chair on the side of the road. It was in good shape, just boring! Why settle for boring when you can have something fun and special?

basic computer chair

Jennifer jazzed up her plain Jane chair by recovering it with a printed fabric that matches her kitchen. Since most office chairs are on the blah side, I think this is a great way to liven ‘em up a bit!

reupholstered computer chair

Read more at Monkey See, Monkey Do.

Modern Office Chair

One of the benefits of living in a condo for CC from Zodirowe is finding all kinds of great loot in the shared dumpster. She scored this office chair that was sporting a little rust and green vinyl.

Dumpster Office Chair

Since reupholstering isn’t exactly CC’s forte so she opted to give vinyl spray paint a go. It worked like a charm to cover up the ugly green. CC added some fabric to the seat with adhesive for an extra pop of color. The crisp white paint and geometric print give the once outdated chair a new, modern look.

Refabbed Office Chair

Find the tutorial at Zodirowe.