Wine Cork Necklace

Daniela blogs at Curly Made.  Her latest creation?  A necklace made from a wine cork!


This is a really great idea, and an inexpensive one, too.  “I made this without spending any money,”  Daniela says.  “I used some old materials that I already had and a cork.”  She cut the cork to the shape that she wanted, and painted a cool graphic design on it using nail polish.  It looks like an amazing piece of handcrafted boutique jewelry.


You can see a video tutorial for this project at Curly Made.

Industrial Light Bulb Necklace

This upcycling project from Aubrey of Project Lovegood started with red and blue flashing lights and a friendly warning from a cop: “Ma’am, I just wanted to let you know that your brake light is out.”  It was Aubrey’s husband’s idea, after replacing the bulb, that she should turn the old one into a necklace.

Project Lovegood light bulb before

Aubrey loved the interesting color of the burnt-out bulb, so she agreed it would make a great piece of jewelry.  She used jewelry making wire to wrap around the top of the bulb and create a loop for a chain to pass through.  The finished necklace is as pretty as it is unusual.  Aubrey launghs, “Now, when I have ‘light bulb moments’ I can do so wearing my light bulb necklace!”

Project Lovegood light bulb after

You can learn more about how Aubrey made this necklace at Project Lovegood.

Upcycled T-Shirt Jewelry

Stephanie of Henry Happened had several striped t-shirts that she wasn’t wearing anymore.  She gave them a second life by turning them into jewelry.

Braiding strips of the shirts together makes makes a colorful, interesting accessory that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace.  I like the way Stephanie paired the jersey fabric with a chain.  It gives the jewelry piece a softened industrial vibe.

You can click over to Henry Happened to get instructions for making one of your own.  (This is a great gift idea, too!)

Starburst Wrapper Jewelry

Sam from Fluffyland has a major sweet tooth…errr…actually that is me that has the sweet tooth {as I just riffled through my cabinets in search of Starbursts after reading this post} she just uses the wrappers of the yummy, chewy candies to make unique jewelry.  You can use any square candy wrappers but she chose Starburst.


Using some fancy schmancy folding and some finishing techniques she guides you through the process to make your own. 


Go visit Fluffyland to learn how to make one yourself.  This would be a great summer boredom buster.

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Ombre Money Clip Slide Pendant

Shannon at Madigan Made was touched when her husband asked her if she’d have any use for his old money clip. Of course she did! Hubby knows her all too well. She didn’t know what she’d do with the silver clip but knew there was potential.

Money Clip

Shannon has been soaking in a lot of inspiration from ombre patterns of late and decided it was the perfect solution to dress up the clip and turn it into a jewelry slide. She finished the piece with some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic for a resin-like finish. I will have to get my hands on a money clip so I can try this myself. I love me some chunky, colorful jewelry!


Find Shannon’s tutorial at Madigan Made.