Decoupaged Desk Makeover

Shanna from Restoration Redoux found this desk in the free section of Craigslist.  “When we went to pick it up, it was in a very sketchy alley,” she confesses.


Despite it’s sketchy beginnings, Shanna could tell the desk was solidly build and ready for a makeover.  She painted the desk with a custom mix color of plaster paint.  Deciding that the desk was in need of some pattern and color, Shanna painted stripes onto one of the drawer fronts, and decoupaged floral scrapbooking paper onto the others.  She distressed the desk with sandpaper and replaced the old wood knobs with matching pink ceramic knobs.  What a fancy, feminine new look!


Learn more about this makeover by visiting Restoration Redoux.

DIY Painted Area Rug

At Upcycled Treasures, Katie had fabric medium in her craft stash that she’d purchased for a craft project and didn’t use.  So, when she came across a fantastic looking area rug that she couldn’t afford, Katie had a light-bulb moment.  Why not make a rug?


Katie purchased an discounted, light-colored remnant rug from the local hardware store.  She mixed the fabric medium she had with turquoise and navy paints.  She created design templates using pieces of cardboard from her recycling bin, and traced the designs onto her rug with a Sharpie pen.  Then, Katie filled in the designs with her paint, creating her own version of the brand-name rug that sparked her imagination.  Isn’t it gorgeous?



Click over to Upcycled Treasures to view the tutorial for this project.

Table Renewed with Color and Paint

When Courtney found this table that had belonged to her grandmother languishing in her mother’s basement, she didn’t hesitate to take it home for a makeover.  Why not?  “My grandmother was a decorator,” Courtney explains at All Things New Again.  “She was always changing things around and trying new looks. I did not hesitate to paint her table for one second because I know if she was here, she would have told me to paint it already!”


For this piece, Courtney tried something a little different.  She selected two shades of chalk paint, bright pink and navy blue.  She painted the table pink, first, and then layered over it with the blue.  She used a technique known as wet distressing to allow just a glimpse of pink to show underneath the navy blue.  Courtney says this is her favorite color combination, and I like it, too!


To learn more about the paint colors and techniques that Courtney used, visit All Things New Again.

Crafting Leftovers Turn Into a Spring Wreath

Over at What’s Ur Home Story, Vidya has been trying to use up all her other crafting supplies before she buys anything new.  This wreath was born out of the leftovers from many other projects.


Vidya tells us, for starters,  “The chevron fabric scraps are from a chair makeover while the vintage lace I salvaged from a neighbor’s trash.”  All the other supplies, including the wreath form, were once part of other crafts.  She combined them together to make one lovely wreath to celebrate Spring’s arrival.  I love the way the bright, felt flowers pop against the navy chevron fabric.


Go to What’s Ur Home Story to see how Vidya put this wreath together.

Retro Fabulous Dress Refashion

At Second Chances by Susan, Susan picked up this classic 80’s dress (check out that collar!) at a free clothing exchange.  Susan loves fashion from the 1950’s and 60’s, and was pretty sure she could make this dated dress retro fabulous.


Drawing inspiration from two vintage patterns, Susan remade the bodice.  She made it more fitted and took away the double-breasted button detail.  She changed the collar so that it would be smaller in the front and larger in the back, with some nifty button detailing.  Doesn’t it look fantastic, now?


View the tutorial for this retro dress refashion at Second Chances by Susan.

“Om” Your Way Through Doing the Dishes

When Amber from The Queen and Her Court was looking for a floor mat for her kitchen, she had a lightbulb moment:  yogo mats are the same size as the kitchen mat she needed to go in front of her sink!  It just so happened that Amber had a yoga mat at home, so she decided to save some money and DIY what she wanted.


Amber’s yoga mat was purple (like the oneabove), but that wasn’t the color she uses to decorate her kitchen.  Instead, she painted over the purple mat.  Taping it off to create a pattern of wide stripes, she painted the rug navy and white.  Amber’s former yoga mat is now the perfect size and color to serve as a kitchen mat.  Bonus feature:  if she needs to sneak in a few “ommms” to get through a load of dishes, she can, now!


Visit The Queen and Her Court to get more information on this repurposed yoga mat.

A Bright New Hue for an Old Chair

Jenna from 24 Cottonwood Lane inherited this vanity and chair from a friend when that friend re-did her little girls room last year.  “Was I embarrassed to take furniture from a five year old?” Jenna asks playfully.  “Heck, no.  That’s a stylish five year old!”

24 Cottonwood Lane chair before

Jenna love the lines of this chair, but decided that it needed more color and a seat cushion.  She used a sample pot of paint mixed in just the right shade of coral to give this chair the pop of color she wanted.  Next, Jenna crafted an upholstered seat cushion for this chair using a cardboard template, some foam, and navy chevron fabric.  The combination of coral and navy was exactly the look Jenna had been dreaming of.  She says, “I still wake up every morning and sigh when I see how pretty this little chair is….That, my friends, is priceless.”

24 Cottonwood Lane chair after

Get more details on how Jenna rescued an old chair at 24 Cottonwood Lane.

There Was Something Fishy About This Tray Makeover

Over at Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna was sad to see her elderly neighbor move.  But, she tells us, “As Mrs. Ruth was moving, she decided she wanted me to have some things she no longer needed. This tray, along with many pieces of furniture, blue mason jars and other numerous treasures, was one of those things. She is just too sweet.”

Rain on a Tin Roof tray before

Jenna was excited to have a tray for her kitchen, but the fish had to go!  The first step was giving the tray a cleansing coat of glossy white spray paint.  Buh-bye, fish!  Next, Jenna tried out Frog Tape’s chevron strip tape, taping off stripes across the tray.  After that, she sprayed the tray again with a navy blue gloss.  Pulling off the chevron tape revealed this preppy navy blue and white chevron stripe.  Delightful!

Rain on a Tin Roof tray after

Find out more about this tray transformation at Rain on a Tin Roof.