DIY Painted Area Rug

At Upcycled Treasures, Katie had fabric medium in her craft stash that she'd purchased for a craft project and didn't use. So, when she came across a fantastic looking area rug that she couldn't afford, Katie had a light-bulb moment. Why couldn't she make a rug?

Table Renewed with Color and Paint

When Courtney found this table that had belonged to her grandmother languishing in her mother's basement, she didn't hesitate to take it home for a makeover. Why not? "My grandmother was a decorator," Courtney explains at All Things New Again. "She was always changing things around and trying new looks. I did not hesitate to paint her table for one second because I know if she was here, she would have told me to paint it already

“Om” Your Way Through Doing the Dishes

When Amber from The Queen and Her Court was looking for a floor mat for her kitchen, she had a lightbulb moment:  yogo mats are the same size as the kitchen mat she needed to go in front of her sink!  It just so happened that Amber had a yoga mat at home, so she decided to save some money and DIY what she wanted. purple-yoga-mat
Teal & Lime AV cart before

Trash to Treasure from Mom’s Basement

"So I was antiquing with my mom in Stillwater earlier this summer and an old AV cart with clear acrylic wheels caught my eye," Jackie tells us at Teal & Lime.  "My mom said, 'I have one like that in my basement.' She must have seen my eyes widen and my ears perk up, because then she said, 'Do you want it?'" Teal & Lime AV cart before