Pretty Wood Slice Wreath


I love seeing things that people make from objects they’ve found in nature. One of my current favorite trends along these lines is the use of wood slices to make natural looking decor items. Here’s a gorgeous wreath that Laura of Finding Home put together using wood slices from a fallen birch branch.

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Christmas Tree Topper from Sticks

sticks before

Kim from Too Much Time On My Hands has a unique tree topper that she crafted from sticks that she and her kids collected one day on a hike.  That’s right–sticks! Totally free for the taking and no need to run to the crafts store for those babies!

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Palm Leaf Pumpkin

palm leaf to pumpkin

On a regular evening walk around her neighborhood, Karah from The Space Between was inspired by her neighbor’s yard debris to make some fall décor – Caribbean style. With a bit of creativity, Karah turned this dead palm leaf into a unique pumpkin.

palm leaf to pumpkin

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White Twig Chandelier

white chandelier

All of you junkers are probably no stranger to the fabulous recreations of Donna from Funky Junk Interiors. She had this white chandelier that had been taking up residence in her garage for two years.

white chandelier

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Wood Slice Flowers


It’s always exciting when a discovery during one project inspires another. That’s exactly what happened when Marji of Ashbee Design was trimming down branches for her rustic grill screen and noticed the beauty of the thin wood slices. Marji glued several slices together to create lovely woodland flowers. It seems fitting that she hung several {…Read More…}

Twig Starburst Wreath

twig starburst wreath

Kristine at The Painted Hive is all about bringing the great outdoors indoors with her décor. To this end, she gathered up a bunch of twigs from the area surrounding her hive to turn into a rustic starburst wreath. Kristine wrapped a cardboard cutout with twine before hot gluing on her sticks. Kristine points out {…Read More…}

Tree Branch Hooks

Time and again we see that nature offers some of the best resources for creating and decorating. Stevie from Garden Therapy utilized the natural shape of tree branches as hooks for her DIY coat rack. Stevie dipped her dried out branch clippings in watered down white paint and then attached them to her board. Talk {…Read More…}

Branch Wall Heart

Mike from Blue Velvet Chair is a big fan of decorating with elements of nature, or “forest glam,” as she calls it. Not only is it organic but also free! For this particular project, Mike gathered some twigs from her yard. Her home in Sweden boasts bushes with these beautiful red branches. Mike twisted and {…Read More…}