Cribs, Cupboards, and Creativity Unite

Sara, who blogs at Thrifty Treasures, has quite an assortment of salvaged wood and furniture in her garage. After using the doors from some old cabinets for another project, she realized the cabinet boxes themselves were really sturdy. When she spotted an old crib in the corner, inspiration struck.
Upcycle Addict mudroom bench before

Mudroom Bench Made from Reclaimed Objects

The little shelf sitting next to Sherry's back door just wasn't any fun to look at, she tells us over at Upcycle Addict.  After living with it for a while, she decided it was time to build something that would function as both storage and a place to sit down in the mudroom.  Instead of purchasing new materials, Sherry decided to use what she had on hand, and this old crib was a good starting point. Upcycle Addict mudroom bench before
The Weekend Country Girl dresser before

Dresser to Mudroom Bench

At The Weekend Country Girl, Karen says that when she found this dresser on the roadside waiting for heavy trash day, it was in pretty bad shape.  But it had good bones:  solid wood and dovetailed drawers, so she convinced her husband to help her get it home. The Weekend Country Girl dresser before
Liz Marie Blog console before

Versatile Console

Liz Marie, the gal behind Liza Marie Blog, got this old TV console from a Craigslist ad.  When she brought it home, she discovered it was much more beat up than she had realized.  So, she put some elbow grease into fixing it and giving it a painted makeover.