Gold & White Globe

Curly Craft Mom Carrie’s son “had this old globe laying around that he never used,” so she snagged it to work into her home office decor. Of course, she couldn’t resist glamming it up with a makeover first!


Carrie applied two coats each of primer and white paint to the globe. Then she got out her awesome new craft cutting machine and software to design and print out a vinyl monogram in gold. Carrie applied the monogram to the globe, working carefully from one side to the other to keep the vinyl from creasing. She’s so proud (and she should be!) of how great this turned out, and how “the colors work wonderfully with the rest of the items on my desk!”

monogrammed-gold-and-white-globeFind out more about how Carrie created her globe at Curly Crafty Mom.


Tree Trimmings Door Wreath

When Nicole spotted a pile of trimmings at the Christmas tree lot, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask the guy running the lot if she could have a few.  He said, “Go ahead, help yourself,” so Nicole took home plenty of greenery and blogged about what she did with it at Design It Vintage.


What were Nicole’s plans for the evergreen scraps?  She wanted to make wreaths for her double front doors.  Nicole embraced a natural look for these wreaths, arranging the branches easily around an inexpensive wreath holder.  She added cute trimmings in hues of gold, with sparkly gold letters in the center of each wreath, in honor of her family’s initials.  So pretty!


Visit Design It Vintage to view a tutorial for these lovely wreaths.

Adding Personality with a Monogram

Briana from Posh Purpose was given this ceramic basket by her aunt.  “The style didn’t really work for me,” she confesses.  “The basket had been hiding out behind some picture frames on my bookshelf, totally forgotten.”


When Briana needed something fun to add to a gift bag of jewelry that she was giving to her own niece, she thought of the basket.  She used gold spray paint that she already had on hand to cover the admittedly ugly faux rope finish.  Next, she stenciled an initial–the letter M–onto the inside of the basket.  To make it extra fun, Briana used blue glitter!  Her niece was delighted with this personalized drop spot for her jewelry.



Go over to Posh Purpose to find out more about this rescue.

Children’s Footstools from $2 Table

Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business says, “I bought this table for $2 from my friend’s grandfather. I didn’t know what I would do with it because of it’s odd shape, so it sat in the garage for A LONG TIME.”

Fussy Monkey Business stool after Fussy Monkey Business stool before

Recently, Crystal got the idea to saw the table in half and turn it into footstools for her children.  Wasn’t that creative?  Spruced up with paint, she was able to get two new useful pieces of furniture for the price of one!  I like the way she personalized each stool–too cute!

Fussy Monkey Business stool after

You can find out more about this project at Fussy Monkey Business.

Jeweled Letter

Don’t know what to do with all your old and broken jewelry? Turn it into a decorative letter that’s full of glitz and glam!


Kate of Mr. Kate created a fabric covered letter from foam core and then blinged it out with old baubles. You don’t even have to limit yourself to old jewelry alone – buttons, beads, sequins, pins… As Kate says, “the more the merrier!”


Check it out at Mr. Kate.

Spring Flower Initial

We have seen decorative initials made from all sorts of materials – moss, wine corks, and the list goes on. Sheila from Plum Doodles created a flowery initial perfect for spring using old wire coat hangers and scrap fabric.

wire coat hangers

Sheila sewed the fabric around her wire hangers, bent them into the desired shape, and then attached her hydrangea blooms with hot glue. This technique can easily be modified for different seasons and occasions. The possibilities are endless from a rose-covered heart for Valentine’s to a leafy letter for fall.

spring hydrangea initial

Go to Plum Doodles for Sheila’s tutorial.

Monogrammed Mailbox

Andrea from Queen B and Me rescued this mailbox from the trash after her husband ripped it off the post at their new home and chucked it into the garbage. He underestimated Andrea’s determination to make the beaten up mailbox “cute” (and her stealthy skills at sneaking it into their car!)


Andrea completed her mailbox makeover mission (say that three times fast!) with some sandpaper, primer, and paint. When Andrea later gave the mailbox to her husband, he didn’t even realize it was the same one!


Read more at Queen B and Me.

Monogrammed Soap Pump

Are the bright colors of your dish soap dispenser just not doing it for your warm and cozy kitchen? Allison from House of Hepworths has your covered, so go ahead and grab that ugly soap pump that’s hiding in the cabinet.

Dawn Dish Soap Before

With some plastic spray paint and ORB, Allison was able to give the blue soap pump a more refined, elegant look. The finishing touch? A vinyl monogram of course! If you’re questioning how well it will hold up, Allison said her soap pump was still in primo condition after several washings. I’d say this look goes a little better with Allison’s beautiful countertops!

Monogrammed Soap Pump

Go to House of Hepworths for the tutorial.