Total Transformation for this Mod Chair

I’ve seen some pretty dramatic rescues in my day.  But this chair that Heather of The Heathered Nest picked up….well, let’s just say this does beat all.  Even I would have driven right past this hot mess!


Heather picked that chair up and took it home, where it sat for two years while she gathered up the courage to give it a new look.  Inspired by a love for the country and several pricey designer chairs with a similar silhouette, Heather figured out that what this chair needed was a little cowhide.  She ripped off the old upholstery, cleaned up the rusty metal frame, and replaced the old upholstery with cow hide!  {Jaw drop} “Don’t tell me something isn’t worth saving, or fixing,” Heather says.  “Anything, and anyone, can be rehabilitated, if given the chance.”


Get all the info on how this makeover went down at The Heathered Nest.

Curbed Mid Century Mod Dresser Rescue

You know you are a hardcore Roadkill Rescuer when you can find a way to get a curbside find home along with your five kids and your own pregnant self!  That was the case for Larissa of Prodigal Pieces when she spotted a gorgeous midcentury modern dresser up for grabs on the side of the road.


Seriously, how could she not pass by that gorgeous hunk of a dresser?  Back at home, Larissa went for a two-toned look when she refinished the dresser.  She painted the dresser box white with chalk paint, but left the original finish on the drawers.  The white backdrop for those drawers really showcases the unique dimensional shape of the drawer fronts.  Gorgeous!


Find out how Larissa got this piece home and learn more about her tips for a flawless finish at Prodigal Pieces.

Miraculous Rescue Creates a Mid Century Modern Set

When Susan of SAF Affect saw these beautiful Mid Century Modern chairs, she was willing to plunk down cash to get them.  She paid $300 for a set of four, and felt like that was a steal.  So imagine Susan’s surprise when, just days later, she spotted two more chairs of the exact same design sitting on a curb waiting for the garbage truck.


Both chairs were in pieces, but Susan took them home anyone, knowing that if repaired, she’d have a set of six gorgeous, Mid Century Modern teak chairs.  The repairs for the broken chairs were beyond what she dared tackle herself, so Susan explains, “I had the chairs professionally repaired at a cost of $175 each, but it was absolutely worth it to have a set of six (and to keep the pair out of landfill).”  After the chairs were repaired, Susan replaced the old upholstery with new, herself.  Anyone who loves Mid Century Mod design will love hearing the story of how these chairs became a complete set.


Find out more about this chair rescue at SAF Affect.

Midcentury Mod Bench Restoration

I love hearing stories about the lengths you go to rescue roadkill–it proves I’m not alone in what I’ll do to bring home trash!  Eve of Eve of Reduction saw this retro bench sticking out of a dumpster as she rode past on her bike.  She came back with her son, and together they carried it on foot for over a mile through their neighborhood.  That’s dedication.

Eve of Reduction mod bench before

Once she’d brought the bench home, Eve turned her attention to restoring it to it’s once glam self.  She took the time to clean it, polish it, and repair structural damage.  Then, she reupholstered the sagging cushions with a groovy fabric that matched the retro turquoise vinyl perfectly!  I think this bench is ready to make a guest appearance on Mad Men, don’t you?

Eve of Reduction mod bench after

Learn more about this restoration project at Eve of Reduction.