Curbed Mid Century Mod Dresser Rescue

You know you are a hardcore Roadkill Rescuer when you can find a way to get a curbside find home along with your five kids and your own pregnant self! That was the case for Larissa of Prodigal Pieces when she spotted a gorgeous midcentury modern dresser up for grabs on the side of the road.

Miraculous Rescue Creates a Mid Century Modern Set

When Susan of SAF Affect saw these beautiful Mid Century Modern chairs, she was willing to plunk down cash to get them.  She paid $300 for a set of four, and felt like that was a steal.  So imagine Susan's surprise when, just days later, she spotted two more chairs of the exact same design sitting on a curb waiting for the garbage truck. MCM-chair-broken
Eve of Reduction mod bench before

Midcentury Mod Bench Restoration

I love hearing stories about the lengths you go to rescue roadkill--it proves I'm not alone in what I'll do to bring home trash!  Eve of Eve of Reduction saw this retro bench sticking out of a dumpster as she rode past on her bike.  She came back with her son, and together they carried it on foot for over a mile through their neighborhood.  That's dedication. Eve of Reduction mod bench before