It’s a Wrap: Mason Jar Makeover

Albion was in the mood for an easy mason jar craft using summer colors. So as she tells us at Albion Gould, “I grabbed my handy dandy Mod Podge, some yarn from my stash, and I was ready to go!”

mason-jarsAlbion painted a bit of Mod Podge on her jar, then started wrapping the jars with her yarn, one color at a time. She says that “wrapping the jars is really easy and goes quickly.” I personally love the white and gold baker’s twine! She made one to use as a candle holder, filling it with floral scatter and a tea light. Then she realized that she’d better make two more to hold utensils and straws during outdoor meals. Because why stop at one when they look so great!

patriotic-yarn-wrapped-mason-jarsSee more pictures and the complete instructions at Albion Gould.

Sunglasses Makeover with Mod Podge

Shannon from Madigan Made came up with this fun and easy update for old sunglasses, and shared her project over at Mod Podge Rocks.  This is a great idea if you love to personalize and add color to your accessories.


To update her sunnies, Shannon traced the shape of her temples on scrapbook paper, then carefully cut them out. She used Mod Podge to adhere the paper to the temple, then waited for it to dry completely. Once dry, Shannon used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to cover the paper. So easy, and look how great they turned out! I am coveting those blue stripes right now . . . so fun for summer!


Check out the complete tutorial at Mod Podge Rocks.

Paper-topped End Table

Candice from ReFab Diaries spotted this table during a morning run. (See? Running IS good for you!) She brought it home and turned it into a gorgeous end table for her living room.


First Candice removed the cherry red paint and prepped the table for its new cover. She splurged on a beautiful sheet of handmade Nepalese paper for the tabletop and says, “I loved the obvious natural fibers and pops of red and orange.” Using Mod Podge, Candice adhered the paper to the table and created a protective top coat.


So cool! For more pictures and instructions (and to see where she ordered her paper) go check out the tutorial at ReFab Diaries!


Comic Book Action Figure Container

Over at Organized 31, Susan has a son who loves super heroes.  (Can anyone else out there relate?)  Lately she shared a great way to reuse old comic books and leftover containers.


First Susan and her son cut apart the comic book panels they wanted to use.  Then they used Mod Podge to adhere the comic book panels to the outside of the can.  To finish, they sealed all the paper with a top coat of Mod Podge since the comic book paper is so delicate.  Now Susan’s son has a super place to store his action figures!


Read Susan’s tips on where to find vintage comic books at Organized 31.

Discontinued Doors to Awesome Art Desks

At iCandy Handmade, Autie shares the backstory on these two cupboard doors.  “My father-in-law owns a restoration company and oftentimes has cupboard door styles or carpet squares that have been discontinued and he no longer uses.”  He gave them to Autie and the doors sat in her garage for a while before she figured out what to do with them.


Since the door part opens to reveal about an inch of space, but the drawer part is fake, Autie decided the cupboard doors would be perfect art desks for her kids.  She spray painted the wood and added some short legs from the hardware store.  After assembling the desks, Autie added some scrapbook paper and vinyl lettering for the finishing touches.  What fun creative areas for her kids!


Learn how Autie attached the legs to the cupboard doors at iCandy Handmade.

Picnic Basket Makeover

At Growing with the Gimlins, Jody shares how her mom cleaned out her garage and passed along this cute old picnic basket to Jody.  But since the top was decorated with Jody’s maiden name, she decided to give it a makeover to better fit her family.


Jody tried to paint over the top, but she could never cover up the lettering.  It seems the basket was determined to remain a Binder forever.  So Jody turned to Plan B and used some cute paper and Mod Podge to decorate the top instead.  What an updated look for a cute picnic basket!


Find out more about Jody’s picnic basket makeover at Growing with the Gimlins.

Blinged-Up Basic Sunglasses

“This craft was inspired by an item that I MUST have on a daily basis: SUNNIES,” shares April on her blog, Gingerbread.  Due to medical issues, April needs to wear sunglasses whenever she’s outside.  Needless to say, she goes through sunglasses pretty fast, which is why April was excited to discover that her dollar store sold sunglasses that were sturdy and had a trendy shape.


April snatched up a few pairs of sunnies and gave them a makeover using supplies she already had on hand: nail polish, mod podge, and tape.  The bright colored nail polish certainly blings up the boring sunglasses, don’t you agree?  Although April’s sunglasses were from the dollar store, the same technique could easily be used on a pair you already own.  I don’t think any of my sunnies are safe now that I know what a difference nail polish can make!


Visit April at Gingerbread to see how her other pairs of sunnies turned out!  Too cute!


Glittery Glass Vase

At The Cwafty Blog, RaChel decided to turn a simple glass bottle into a pretty vase using a few craft supplies she had on hand.  Her bottle of choice?  A Starbucks frappucino bottle.


After washing away all traces of frappucino along with the label, RaChel was ready to get to work on her project.  She painted the outside of the vase  lovely shade of purple using Mod Podge sheers.  Then, she used a stencil to apply more decoupage glue in a dotted pattern.  Glitter sprinkled over those dots of glue made the pattern sparkly.  No longer a plain, glass bottle, now this is a fun vase for displaying blooms.


Click over to The Cwafty Blog to find out more about this project.