Discontinued Doors to Awesome Art Desks

At iCandy Handmade, Autie shares the backstory on these two cupboard doors. "My father-in-law owns a restoration company and oftentimes has cupboard door styles or carpet squares that have been discontinued and he no longer uses." He gave them to Autie and the doors sat in her garage for a while before she figured out what to do with them.

Picnic Basket Makeover

At Growing with the Gimlins, Jody shares how her mom cleaned out her garage and passed along this cute old picnic basket to Jody. But since the top was decorated with Jody's maiden name, she decided to give it a makeover to better fit her family.

Blinged-Up Basic Sunglasses

"This craft was inspired by an item that I MUST have on a daily basis: SUNNIES," shares April on her blog, Gingerbread. Due to medical issues, April needs to wear sunglasses whenever she's outside. Needless to say, she goes through sunglasses pretty fast, which is why April was excited to discover that her dollar store sold sunglasses that were sturdy and had a trendy shape.

Vintage Suitcase Refabbed

Rhonda from Craft Dictator has had this vintage suitcase sitting in her house for months.  She planned to use it for office storage, but had never opened it.  When she finally did open the little suitcase it was not full of money.  To the contrary, it was actually pretty nasty inside! vintage-suitcase
Mod Podge Rocks glass jar vases before

Old Glass Jars Become Pretty Halloween Vases

"My husband has always been sort of funny about saving our glass jars," confesses Justine at Mod Podge Rocks, "and with the mason jar craze happening, it certainly is handy having my husband’s hoard collection hanging around to experiment with!"  Recently, she put a few of those glass jars to use with a pretty project that's perfect for fall and Halloween decor. Mod Podge Rocks glass jar vases before