Rescue for a Cause!

Kristen from Lipstick and Sawdust has turned her skill for reusing and repurposing into something that benefits more than just her family.  “This project was created for my child’s school auction. I cut hundreds of slices from different fallen tree branches found in my driveway and on the side of the road in my area,” she explains.


After getting quite a few wood slices in a variety of sizes, Kristen purchased a large mirror.  She removed the ugly frame from around it, and made a new one from stained plywood.  Next, she glued the slices onto the plywood.  For an extra special touch, Kristen had children from the elementary school sketch designs for their own brands.  She selected a few to burn onto some of the wood slices.  The result is gorgeous, and I bet it will make a ton of money at that auction!


Visit Lipstick and Sawdust to view the full tutorial.

Sunburst Mirror from Window Blinds

Ashley at Bigger Than the Three of Us just might be a genius. When a window makeover left her with a bunch of used blinds, she turned them into a sunburst mirror. This may be the first time in the history of ever that mini blinds have looked so cool!


Ashley separated and cleaned the blinds, then arranged them into small fan shapes and duct-taped them together. She put the smaller fans together into bigger fans and hot-glued them to the mirror’s base. The finished result looks great in her master bedroom! As Ashley says, “At just over $6 it’s a steal for how much of an impact it makes.”


Check out Ashley’s step-by-step tutorial at Bigger Than the Three of Us.

Perfectly Imperfect Mirror

When Sabine from Mom in Music City found this mirror on the side of the road, it didn’t have a frame.  Using some other found materials, she dressed up the mirror to reflect her own unique style.


Sabine had some old fencing that was left behind in her yard by the previous homeowners.  She cut the boards to fit around the mirror, creating a frame.  She gave the weathered wood a wash of aqua paint.  “The wood frame has plenty of cracks and flaws. But don’t you think they add personality and charm to the mirror?” Sabine notes.  “It’s a one of a kind and no store sells the exact mirror.”  It’s a great addition to her daughter’s bedroom.


Make sure you click over to Mom in Music City to learn more about this rescued mirror makeover.

DIY Mirrored Nightstand

This nightstand was sitting unused and falling apart in Sharon’s home, she explains at her blog, Mrs. Hines Class.  “I wasn’t sure what to do with it and didn’t want to get rid of it since it’s a part of my parent’s bedroom suite from my childhood home.”  So it had been moving around to different rooms, waiting for Sharon to figure out what to do with it.  


Recently, inspiration struck.  Hard.  After dusting it off and repairing the drawers, Sharon painted the nightstand black.  Then, for a real “wow” factor, she glued mirrors onto the drawer fronts.  After updating the original hardware with silver Rub ‘n Buff, she reattached it to the nightstand and lined the drawers with pretty shelf paper.  What a transformation!

Visit Mrs. Hines Class to get more details on this do-it-yourself mirrored nightstand.

Look What Came Out of a Cereal Box!

Remember when it was fun to be the one to finish off a box of cereal, because that meant you got to collect the prize?  Well, cereal boxes these days don’t have prizes in them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something from them.  Case in point: what Karen from Flimsy Pi created from a couple cereal boxes pulled from her neighbor’s recycling bin.


Karen started this project by taking apart the cardboard boxes and cutting them into strips.  She used her glue gun to piece the strips of cardboard together into a chain, eventually forming a starburst shape.  After spray painting the cardboard starburst white, Karen attached a mirror to the front of it and hung it on her wall.  She made a lovely starburst mirror!


Click over to Flimsy Pi to get the details on this project.

Forgotten Mirrors Get a Style Upgrade

When April from House By Hoff spotted Pottery Barn’s rope mirrors, she was smitten.  Imagine her delight when she rediscovered some circular mirrors down in her own basement, and realized she could make her own version of the Pottern Barn mirrors!


To recreate the rope mirrors with the mirrors she’d had in storage, April started by painting them creamy white.  She purchased rope from the local hardware store.  April used hot glue to wrap and attach to layers of rope around her mirrors.  They look great in her living room and cost a fraction of the catalog price!


Visit House By Hoff to learn more about these  nautical, rope trimmed mirrors.

Hall Tree from Scraps

Over at Thrifty Treasures, Sara decided to turn some leftover items in the garage into a useful drop spot (otherwise known as a hall tree) for her entryway.  She made use of old closet doors, trim, and other salvaged scraps.

closet doors scraps

The first thing Sara had to do was connect the closet doors to form a sturdy back for the new hall tree.  Then she attached a shelf in front, with curvy wood flourishes below (formerly the legs of a side table).  She finished it off with trim before painting the whole thing white and adding accessories like a mirror and hooks.  Now the piece is ready to stand duty near an entryway.

hall tree

You can learn more about this hall tree from salvaged materials at Thrifty Treasures.


Glamorous Mirror Makeover

At Mommy Is Coocoo, Amanda and her husband have been finishing up a bath renovation.  As part of the process, the large, unframed mirror over the vanity needed to come down.  The contractor was going to charge them money to remove and dispose of it, but Amanda had other plans.


Learning that it was pretty tricky to get a mirror like this off the wall without it breaking, she called in a mirror specialist.  For much less than she would have paid the contractor to dispose of it, the specialist got it safely removed in one piece.  They reinstalled the mirror with a vertical orientation on another wall.  Amanda selected some pretty trim, painted it white, and glued it around the rehung mirror to form a frame.  The mirror’s new look really adds to the elegance of her new bathroom design.


Visit Mommy is Coocoo to get more details on this revamped bathroom mirror.