A Two-Tiered Transformation

At Refashionably Late, Ruthie went out in search of a free swing set that she'd seen advertised. The swings were gone, but what she found instead was a woman in a hurry to unload a lot of stuff....with a garage full of furniture she was giving away for free! Ruthie was delighted to discover a piece of furniture she'd been wanting for a while: a tiered side table.
The Weathered Door table before

Suitcase + Legs = Table

Over at The Weathered Door, Reeves tells us, "I had some different pieces lying around that I loved, but had no practical purpose."  In her garage, there was a fun-but-broken mid-century mod side table and a vintage suitcase.  One day inspiration struck, and Reeves realized the two could be one. The Weathered Door table before
A Swell Place to Dwell dresser before.

Mod Dresser Makeover

Over at A Swell Place to Dwell, Kelly explains, "This dresser was one that I had for many years, and after a few moves and some serious abuse, it was showing it's age. I wasn't loving it the way it was, with chipped veneer and scratches." A Swell Place to Dwell dresser before.
Red Telly mid century cedar chest before

Mid-Century Mod Cedar Chest

Marcie of Red Telly was out shopping with her husband when they came across this 1957 Lane cedar chest.  She loved the chest immediately, but almost walked away since she wasn't sure where she would put it in their house.  But Marcie's husband told her he knew she'd regret it if she didn't get it, so with his encouragement, they brought it home.  (He sounds like a keeper, Marcie!) Red Telly mid century cedar chest before
Eve of Reduction mod bench before

Midcentury Mod Bench Restoration

I love hearing stories about the lengths you go to rescue roadkill--it proves I'm not alone in what I'll do to bring home trash!  Eve of Eve of Reduction saw this retro bench sticking out of a dumpster as she rode past on her bike.  She came back with her son, and together they carried it on foot for over a mile through their neighborhood.  That's dedication. Eve of Reduction mod bench before