A Two-Tiered Transformation

At Refashionably Late, Ruthie went out in search of a free swing set that she’d seen advertised.  The swings were gone, but what she found instead was a woman in a hurry to unload a lot of stuff….with a garage full of furniture she was giving away for free!  Ruthie was delighted to discover a piece of furniture she’d been wanting for a while:  a tiered side table.


As she began sanding away the old finish, Ruthie noticed that one of the legs was broken and missing some wood.  She handled those repairs before spray painting the table with a happy shade of blue.  To give the table even more personality, she added a couple of pretty flowers with a stencil and some white paint.  The result is just what Ruthie wanted for her living room!


Visit Refashionably Late to get all the details on this tiered side table makeover.

Total Transformation for this Mod Chair

I’ve seen some pretty dramatic rescues in my day.  But this chair that Heather of The Heathered Nest picked up….well, let’s just say this does beat all.  Even I would have driven right past this hot mess!


Heather picked that chair up and took it home, where it sat for two years while she gathered up the courage to give it a new look.  Inspired by a love for the country and several pricey designer chairs with a similar silhouette, Heather figured out that what this chair needed was a little cowhide.  She ripped off the old upholstery, cleaned up the rusty metal frame, and replaced the old upholstery with cow hide!  {Jaw drop} “Don’t tell me something isn’t worth saving, or fixing,” Heather says.  “Anything, and anyone, can be rehabilitated, if given the chance.”


Get all the info on how this makeover went down at The Heathered Nest.

Milk Painted Midcentury Mod Side Tables

After receiving these retro side tables as a gift from her mom, Bonnie at Revolutionaries got to work! She used some elbow grease and milk paint to transform the tables into a drool-worthy duo.


Bonnie says, “They were in good condition, but they had a badddd gold paint job with lots of drips and inconsistencies. It also looked like they were once covered in paper (there were bits of paper still stuck to some areas).” First she sanded them down, then added two coats of milk paint and a top coat. She loves the results, and so do we!


Learn more about this project at Revolutionaries.


Suitcase + Legs = Table

Over at The Weathered Door, Reeves tells us, “I had some different pieces lying around that I loved, but had no practical purpose.”  In her garage, there was a fun-but-broken mid-century mod side table and a vintage suitcase.  One day inspiration struck, and Reeves realized the two could be one.

The Weathered Door table before

Reeves started this project by removing the legs from the table.  Next, she arranged the legs the way she wanted them on the under side of the suitcase.  She attached the legs to the suitcase with screws, effectively turning the suitcase into a table!  Now the vintage suitcase with the sexy, mid-century mod legs serves as a bedside table.  I love it!

The Weathered Door table after

You can get all the details on this project at The Weathered Door.

Mod Dresser Makeover

Over at A Swell Place to Dwell, Kelly explains, “This dresser was one that I had for many years, and after a few moves and some serious abuse, it was showing it’s age. I wasn’t loving it the way it was, with chipped veneer and scratches.”

A Swell Place to Dwell dresser before.

So, Kelly grabbed her paint brush, roller and some gold gilding to give it a whole new life.  After a few coats of Benjamin Moore’s Emerald Isle it looked like a brand new piece of furniture.  She adding Martha Stewart’s gilding around the edges to up the drama factor on this piece.  Isn’t it a lovely transformation?

A Swell Place to Dwell dresser after

You can get more details on this dresser makeover at A Swell Place to Dwell.

Midcentury Mod Dresser Refabbed

At The Penny-Wise Mommy, Cassie has been working on redesigning her bedroom to reflect a mid-century aesthetic.  So, when she stumbled upon this dresser, it caught her attention hook, line, and sinker!

The Pennywise Mommy midcentury mod dresser before

Cassie hauled the dresser home and started working to give it a fresh, new look.  “Normally, I would prefer not to alter antiques but this one had already been painted in the past so I decided to re-finish it,” Cassie says.  She kept the two-tone look that this dresser started with, but switched the drawer color to a pretty red hue.  The results are fabulous!

The Pennywise Mommy midcentury mod dresser after

Find out more about how she refinished this dresser at The Penny-Wise Mommy.

Mid-Century Mod Cedar Chest

Marcie of Red Telly was out shopping with her husband when they came across this 1957 Lane cedar chest.  She loved the chest immediately, but almost walked away since she wasn’t sure where she would put it in their house.  But Marcie’s husband told her he knew she’d regret it if she didn’t get it, so with his encouragement, they brought it home.  (He sounds like a keeper, Marcie!)

Red Telly mid century cedar chest before

The blonde finish was pretty off-putting, so imagine how thrilled Marcie was to discover that underneath was a nice, wood veneer.  She gave it a coat of bright, white paint and sprayed the hardware so that it looked like oil rubbed bronze.  The completed chest has that simple, mid-century vibe that is complemented beautifully by the new white color.

Red Telly mid century cedar chest after

You can read more about this project at Red Telly.

Thrifted Table Makeover with Tape Pattern

Jamie of C.R.A.F.T. wasn’t sure if she should get this dressing table when she first spotted it at the thrift store, so she got a little help from her friends to decide.  She posted a picture of it on Facebook, and before she could leave the thrift store, it had already been “liked” 44 times!

CRAFT dressing table before

At home, Jamie’s husband helped her to sand off the old finish.  She painted it a moody shade of gray, but taped off some stripes on the top of the table.  Once the table was painted and tape was removed, it left this beautiful, geometric pattern with the natural wood alongside the paint.  It looks amazing.

CRAFT dressing table after 2

You can learn more about this makeover (and view a closeup of the adorable owl drawer knobs) at C.R.A.F.T.