Message Board from an Old Frame


April, who blogs at House By Hoff, happens to be a teacher. She’s been sprucing up her classroom, lately. “I needed a special piece that would catch the kids’ attention and motivate them,” she says, explaining how she came up with this message board.

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Chalkboard Stands from Table Legs


Karen, The Weekend Country Girl, has been on a mission to clear out all of the stuff in her garage. She spotted this long-forgotten table with sweet spindle legs and inspiration struck immediately. She decided to repurpose those spindle legs.

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A Photo Frame Does Double Duty


“We’ve owned this basic collage frame for several years,” says Lora at Craftivity Designs. “We picked it up on clearance and for such a substantial frame it was a great price.”

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Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

curbside bulletin board

This bulletin board shows just how skilled the ladies over at Namely Original are at bringing new life to old, discarded items. Julia had been looking for a new cork board, but her mom was not too excited about forking over the money. Therefore, she found a more budget-friendly option in this curbside find.

curbside bulletin board

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Ceiling Tile Magnet Board

As a member of the preservation committee for her city, Jean from The Backyard Bungalow often gets a first glimpse of historic materials up for donation. She could barely contain her excitement when a huge stockpile of tin ceiling tile from the old Sears building was donated. You can bet Jean was sure to snatch {…Read More…}

Framed Message Board

Heidi from My Beautiful Mess snatched up this ugly and outdated topiary art print from her mom’s Goodwill pile. Although Heidi had never liked the “foofy schmoofy” art, the frame had some serious potential. Heidi repainted the frame and then replaced the art with corkboard tiles and fabric. Bye bye topiary print! The once disliked {…Read More…}