Scrap Wood Planter is Worth the Wait


Kristi at Making it in the Mountains says, “Every time I see one of these lovely planter boxes, I tell myself that I’m going to make one too . . . and then life gets busy. ” She’s finally making it happen, thanks to a scrap wood challenge and a stash of beautiful blue mason jars.

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It’s a Wrap: Mason Jar Makeover


Albion was in the mood for an easy mason jar craft using summer colors. So as she tells us at Albion Gould, “I grabbed my handy dandy Mod Podge, some yarn from my stash, and I was ready to go!”

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Sticks and Stones: Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

mason jars

I would love to have Dinah’s mind. When she sees a large stick in her back yard, she doesn’t think, “Huh. A stick to clean up.” Instead, she sees a stick and immediately decides to make an outdoor mason jar chandelier with it! She’s showing us how she did it at DIY Inspired.

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Red White & Blue Colored Rice Jars


I will never get tired of seeing new mason jar ideas! This one came from Cheryl at Tidy Mom. She is using colored rice and candles to add patriotic flair to this season’s get-togethers. Cheryl says, “I love how simple and pretty they look during the day and even better when glowing on a summer night at dusk.” I bet you probably already have all the ingredients for this super-quick decoration!

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Mason Jars Made Into Canisters


“Mason jars make good canisters because you can fit a lot in them without taking up much counter space,” says Roxanne at The Honeycomb Home. “But because they were clear, it looked a little messy.”

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Colorful Tinted Mason Jars


“I have a huge collection of mason jars for canning and I had some to spare,” says Kendra at Simply {Darr}ling.  She decided to use those spares to experiment with tinting glass. It’s pretty common to see mason jars tinted in blue, but Kendra wanted to branch out from that a bit, so she tried {…Read More…}

Thread Spools Dressed up for the Holidays

thread spools

Isn’t it awesome when brand-new decorations materialize out of thin air? Courtney tells us, “The best part about this craft, was that I already had all the materials I needed.” Over at Crafts by Courtney, she’s showing us how she used a few supplies she already had on hand–washi tape, thread spools, and mason jars–to create some kicky new Christmas decor!

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Quick and Easy Pumpkin Jars


Self-proclaimed “jar hoarder” Dee M. of Meatloaf and Melodrama dug into her growing stash to create a set of cuter-than-cute jack-o-lantern jars. This quick project would be a great one to do with kids!

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