Summer Picnic Mason Jars

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that there are literally thousands of ways you can repurpose a glass canning jar.  Those things aren’t just for holding canned beans, you know!  This latest mason jar project comes from Dee of Meatloaf & Melodrama, just in time for summer and al fresco dining!

Ace Hardware ball mason jar

Inspired by her favorite seasonal fruits, Dee decorated these mason jars so she could have a handy way to store plastic utensils when her family dines outside.  She sprayed glossy spray paint over these jars, making one lemon yellow and one watermelon red.  A few black “seeds” drawn on the red jar make it look like a watermelon slice!  Green ribbons around the top of each jar add a little more color and whimsy.  Aren’t they adorable?


Visit Meatloaf & Melodrama to get Dee’s tips for spray painting glass jars.

Pretty Painted Jars

When Christina decided to add a little something to her Spring decor, she decided she’d upcycle some Mason jars to do it.  ” I love the way Mason Jars look when they are painted,” she says at her blog, Sweet Haute.



Christina had very specific colors in mind for her jars.  She couldn’t find the colors she wanted at the paint store, so she mixed her own with leftover paint that she already had on hand.  Wanting a very smooth finish for her painted jars, Christina actually used her hands to paint the last layer so there wouldn’t be brush strokes!  She says, “These pastel Spring Mason Jar colors really evoke the feelings of gorgeous Spring flowers and beautiful warm sunset evenings to come.”


Make sure you check out the detailed tutorial Christina has for this lovely painted finish at Sweet Haute.

Paint + Gold Mason Jar Vases

Over at Kristi’s Paintbrush, Kristi shares how she dressed up some plain old Mason jars for Fall.  This is a simple decorating project made even easier by her detailed tutorial.


One tip Kristi offered was to paint the inside of the Mason jars gold–that way the gold paint doesn’t come off when the outside of the jars get distressed.  She’s got some great ideas for how to achieve this layered paint look.  I love the combination of peach and gold, but this looks like something that would look amazing in a variety of colors.  Awesome!


Make sure you check out the full tutorial for these painted Mason jars at Kristi’s Paintbrush.

Quick and Easy Pumpkin Jars

Self-proclaimed “jar hoarder” Dee M. of Meatloaf and Melodrama dug into her growing stash to create a set of cuter-than-cute jack-o-lantern jars. This quick project would be a great one to do with kids!
Mason Jars
When we say easy, we mean easy–all it took was spray paint, markers, and ribbon! Dee enlisted a few small helpers to draw on the pumpkin faces. She’s using her finished products as storage for “kitchen gadgets, office supplies or anything else you can think of!”
Pumpkin Jars
 Check out more pictures and helpful instructions (like what brand of spray paint Dee uses on glass) at Meatloaf and Melodrama.

Gold Dipped Glass

Over at With A With a Blast, Linda has been working on a little upcycling project to beautify her home.  She likes to use gold as an accent color, and wanted to insert a bit more of it in her dining room.


Linda picked a couple of glass containers from her stash: a classic mason jar and a vodka bottle with an interesting shape.  She knew the mason jar would make a pretty vase, but had a specific role in mind for the other bottle as a candle holder.  Where Linda lives, the electricity goes out frequently, so she knew it would be super handy to have a candle at the ready.  She sprayed both bottles with gold spray paint, but taped the vodka bottle so that the paint would be in stripes.  Once dry, the bottles were ready to fill and use as a pretty centerpiece.

Gold Vase and Candle HolderP

Go to With a Blast to find out more about this project.

Candy for the Teacher

Looking for a cute gift for the teacher?  This gift made by Teryn from Vintage Romance Style was recently featured at Tatertots & Jello.  It makes use of a glass jar and other craft supplies that you might already have on hand.


Teryn used a mason jar to make this candy jar on a pedestal, but you could easily use any glass jar that has the label removed.  She recommends using school colors to paint this project if you are giving it as a back-to-school gift.  Teryn painted both the jar lid and the pedestal that it would stand on.  She glued the jar onto the pedestal, and glued a knob onto the lid, along with a bit of bling.  A tag with the name of the school mascot and a large helping of candy completes this project.


Click over to Tatertots & Jello to view the tutorial for this school spirit candy jar.

A {Mason Jar} Apple for the Teacher

At The 36th Avenue, Desiree came up with a cute craft using miniature canning jars or any other small, lidded glass jar.  This is perfect for back-to-school teacher gifts or fall parties.

mason jar

For this project, Desiree suggests that you make sure the glass is very clean.  Next, she painted the outside of the jar red and the lid green.  “You are going to need two to three coats of paint,” she notes.  Desiree glue a cute little wooden peg onto the top of the lid to serve as a “stem”, and cut leaves from green cardstock.  Once complete, the jar is ready to be filled with treats.  How adorable is that?


Click over to The 36th Avenue to get more information on this canning jar craft project.

Crafty Mason Jar Vases

Katie from View From The Fridge shared this project at Oh My! Creative.  She turned some glass canning jars into decorated vases in just a few simple steps.


The inspiration behind this project was Katie’s desire to try out chalk paint for the first time.  Painting some glass jars seemed like a low-commitment way to experiment, so she selected a bright turquoise color and painted away.  She lightly distressed the jars to bring out the fun details, like the brand logo.  To dress up the painted jars a bit for the 4th of July, Katie added some rope around the rims along with a few red and white fabric flowers.  What a great idea for a picnic table centerpiece!


Check out the tutorial for making these vases at  Oh My! Creative.