Which Way Did This Dresser Makeover Go?

Well, it’s easy to figure that out, because this dresser is full of maps!  Karen from The Salvaged Boutique rescued this dresser from the curbside on garbage day.  Although it had sustained some minor damage, she knew that it could be repaired and restyled.


After repairing one dresser drawer, Karen applied a couple coats of chalk paint and distressed the paint a bit.  She lined the drawers and decoupaged street maps onto the sides of the drawers. “In order to save on hardware, which can get expensive, I decoupaged wooden knobs with street maps too!” Karen tells us.  I love that shade of turquoise!


Get details on the full makeover at The Salvaged Boutique.

Cabinet Refinished with Maps

“My dad snatched this old sewing cabinet for me up from the street,” explains Ronja at her blog, Nur Noch.  It was just the right size for her sewing supplies, so she decided to pretty it up with a makeover.


Ronja started the transformation process by lightly sanding the cabinet and paining it white.  Next, she printed off some historic maps of Scandinavia.  Ronja decoupaged the maps onto the cabinet doors.  She reattached the pretty handles to the front, and the makeover was complete!  I really love the addition of the maps!


Click on over to Nur Noch to learn more about this cabinet makeover.

Faux Wallpaper with Vintage Maps

Have you ever wanted the design impact of a graphic statement wall, but felt unsure of the commitment required–both to install and live with?  Well, over at The Happy Housie, Krista found a couple of ways to get around those commitment issues.  She covered a wall with pages from old atlases.


This was a fast, easy project, according to Krista.  She simple selected maps from her atlases that had similar colors, cut the pages out, and used brass push pins to fix them in place on the wall.  Krista says, “I love how it adds so much extra interest and character to the wall in their closet… for very little time and cost.”  Awesome!


Visit The Happy Housie to get more information about this upcycled faux wallpaper.

Vintage Suitcase Refabbed

Rhonda from Craft Dictator has had this vintage suitcase sitting in her house for months.  She planned to use it for office storage, but had never opened it.  When she finally did open the little suitcase it was not full of money.  To the contrary, it was actually pretty nasty inside!


Before she could use it for storage, Rhonda had to deal with that shabby interior.  To do so, she pulled out two of her favorite craft supplies:  Mod Podge and old maps.  She carefully decoupaged the maps onto the inside of the suitcase to form a colorful lining.  The refurbished suitcase looked so festive that she added a banner; before she uses it for storage, Rhonda plans to use it for party decor!


Click over to Craft Dictator to find out more about this vintage suitcase rescue.

Upcycled Packing Box

At Project Lovegood, Aubrey’s husband recently purchased a new computer.  The various parts of the computer came in all kinds of sturdy boxes with compartments.  Aubrey knew just how she could upcycle them.

Covering the boring pictures of computer components with colorful maps, Aubrey transformed the boxes into craft room organizers!  Those compartments are just the right size for storing craft supplies.  I think this would be a great way to store Christmas ornaments, too–just switch the maps for festive wrapping paper.

Check out Aubrey’s tutorial so you can upcycle some packing boxes of your own at Project Lovegood.

Decoupage Map Mirror

Carrie from Lovely etc. loves to incorporate maps into her décor. So when she got this hand-me-down mirror from a family member, she knew a map makeover was in order.

secondhand mirror

Carrie used Mod Podge to decoupage maps of major U.S. cities to the mirror, following steps to ensure her work would come out smooth and wrinkle free. I love Carrie’s suggestion to use this same technique to refab picture frames with maps of your favorite vacation spots and then fill them with photos from your trips.


Check out the how-to at Lovely etc.