Updating an Out of Style Light Fixture

Over at My So-Called DIY Blog, Emily was getting tired of the builder-basic light fixtures in her home.  While window shopping in the Pottery Barn lighting section, she spotted a beautiful fixture embellished with crystals.  Emily realized that the base design of both the PB light and her “boob” lights were actually very similar.


Armed with the inspiration from Pottery Barn, she decided to see if she could use crystals to update her lights!  Emily pulled down one of the lights, removed the glass shade and insulating foil, and gave what was left a coat of spray paint in oil-rubbed bronze.  She drilled tiny holes around the inner edge of the light, and used these holes to attach strands of acrylic crystals in place of the glass shade.  Wow!


Visit My So-Called DIY Blog to see how pretty the light looks reflected through the crystals when it is on.

Sprucing Up a Light Switch

Over at This Silly Girl’s LifeShelly from DIY Mama shared a simple spruce-up for a basic switch plate.  Looking for a a quick and easy way to use up some washi tape and add a little color an personality to a room, Shelly decided the basic white light switches in her daughter’s bathroom could use a little makeover.


This project was quick and easy.  Shelly removed the switch plate from the wall.  Next, she covered the entire plate with strips of the decorative tape.  Once the tape was arrange, she used an exacto knife to cut openings as needed on the switch plate, then folded the tape neatly out of the way.  The only thing left to do after that was to replace the plate back over the switch.  “I love how it adds a bit of fun to my daughter’s bathroom,” Shelly says.


To view a tutorial for this little project, visit This Silly Girl’s Life.

An Update for a Brass Pendant Light

When Chaney’s parents bough a riverfront home, this dated brass light fixture was part of the deal, she explains at May Richer Fuller Be.  Recently, Chaney has been helping them with some updates.  After studying the brass and glass pendant light, she decided that instead of replacing the fixture, she just needed to give it a makeover.


The light fixture had a lot of good things going for it.  For one thing, it worked (!), and for another, that pendant shape is actually pretty trendy.  Chaney realized that it was the finish that was causing it to show some age.  She removed the light from the sealing and dissembled it.  Then, Chaney spray painted all of the metal pieces to achieve an oil rubbed bronze finish.  It looks fantastic!


Visit May Richer Fuller Be to find out what kind of paint Chaney used to achieve the new finish.

Fancy Chandelier Update

“We have had a hole over the dining room table for 1.5 years now, waiting for the perfect, inexpensive chandelier to come available,” confesses Jenny at Focus Jennie. “The house came with a perfectly fine chandelier that just plain wasn’t my style, so it has had a home in the garage waiting to be taken to Goodwill.”  But when the perfect light just couldn’t be found, Jennie took another look at the unwanted light fixture in her garage.


Jennie decided that she had nothing to lose when it came to attempting a makeover of the unwanted chandelier.  She removed large, frosted glass shades and spray painted the metal red.  Instead of reattaching the shades, Jennie traded them for some decorative light bulbs.  The color change and the bulb switch worked magic, giving the formerly dowdy fixture a completely new style!


Find out more about this chandelier update by clicking over to Focus Jennie.

Pretty Pool Noodle Luminaries

Chances are, if you’ve got kids and pool access, you’ve also got pool noodles.  Over at Create. Craft. Love.
, Jill has discovered all kinds of neat ways to reuse pool noodles.  Her latest idea is perfect for nighttime yard decor:  pool noodle luminaries!pool-noodles

To make these, Jill sliced up several pool noodles.  The hollow core inside is just the right size for holding battery operated votive candles nice and snug.  To protect those electric candles so they’d stay bright while floating in the water, Jill wrapped them in basic plastic wrap, just like you have in your kitchen drawer.  I bet these look awesome floating in the pool at night!


Click over to Create. Craft. Love to read more about this fun pool noodle craft.

Porch Lanterns Refabbed

Over at Little Brags, Christine has been giving her back porch a makeover.  She had these two huge brown lanterns to use, but had grown tired of their brown color.


For a new look, Christine spray painted the lanterns a light gray.  After they dried, she rubbed white acrylic paint on the lanterns to give them a whitewash look.  I love how they turned out!


Visit Christine at Little Brags to see the rest of her lovely porch makeover!

Granny’s Lamps Get a New Look

At her blog, Making It In the Mountains, Kristi tells us she’s been planning on giving her Granny’s lamps a makeover ever since her mom passed them along.  “I LOVE the crystal, but the faded brass just wasn’t my thing and the lamp shades were a bit too traditional for my taste,” she says.


Kristi decided that glossy white was the look she was going for, so she taped over the crystal sections to protect them, and spray painted the brassy parts.  She was able to find just the right shades to top these lamps once they were painted, adding a little texture in contrast to the base of the lamps.  They look great in her master bedroom!


Hop over to Making It In the Mountains to find out more about this lamp makeover.

Updating a Brass Chandelier with Spray Paint

At Homespun with Love, a dining room chandelier was getting a little too brassy for its homeowners.  “We looked for some time trying to find a reasonably priced replacement that would suit our decor taste, but try we did with no luck.”

Homespun with Love chandelier before

The solution was to paint the old brass chandelier.  They started with a coat of black primer, followed by Rustoleum in Walnut, a dark brown.  The finishing touch was to install a ceiling medallion painted to match the light, an elegant addition.  The freshly painted chandelier looks like a brand new fixture!

Homespun with Love chandelier after

Get more details on this rescue at Homespun with Love.