Lego Head Storage Bin from a Cornstarch Canister

This rescue is going to grab the attention of any parents of lego lovin’ kids (like mine!) out there.  “Recently, I emptied a square yellow container of corn starch,” says Susan at Organized 31.  That was when she realized how similar it was in size, shape, and color to the Lego head storage bins that she’d seen at the Lego store.  Hey!

Organized 31 corn starch can upcylce

To turn her empty jar of cornstarch into a Lego head, Susan started by removing the label.  She used a Sharpie pen to draw a Lego-like facial expression on each side of the container, then added color and dimension with a red sharpie and white stickers made from labels.   “Not only was this cutie free, but it only took about 10 minutes to make.  It’s also simple enough and fun enough for your kiddo to make,”  Susan says.  Awesome!

Organized 31 lego head container from cornstarch jar

Visit Organized 31 for a full tutorial on this DIYed Lego storage container.


Lego Jewelry

At Doodle Craft, Natalie came up with a great way to turn Legos into jewelry.  If you have kids, you probably have Legos, and if you’ve stepped on one too many, this could potentially be a great way to repurpose the ones you find on the floor!

All it takes is the addition of jewelry jump rings to Lego blocks to make them accessory ready.  Natalie says from that point, you can put them on earrings or necklaces.  Too cute!  Legos come in so many shapes and colors, you could definitely have fun with this.  I think this could be a gift idea the kids could help with.

Hop on over to Doodle Craft to see Natalie’s tutorial.