Cardboard Box Storage Makeover

At Redo It Yourself Inspirations, Robin came up with a way to turn cardboard boxes into a useful and beautiful storage option.  Looking for something to act as “drawers” in a small shelf she was redoing, Robin was struck by the fact that a few of the cardboard boxes she had lying around were the perfect size.


Who wants to display ratty old boxes on their freshly painted shelves, though?  Not Robin!  She cut off the flaps of the boxes, and hid their homely status by decoupaging them with torn paper bags.  Once dried, this gave them a look very similar to aged leather.  To continue the transformation, Robin cut up an old leather belt and used it to make pretty handles for her new “drawers”.  What a cheap and easy way to turn cardboard boxes into useful storage!


Click over to Redo It Yourself Inspirations to find out more about this project.

Belted: Hanging Planter

This easy project started with three simple objects:  an old leather belt, a plant, and a pretty little pot.  Ashley from Bigger Than the Three of Us figured out how to transform those three items into a hanging planter!


First, Ashley planted her plant into the pot (imagine that!).  She drilled holes near the top of the pot, so it would be hang-able.  Next, she cut the ends of the belt off where the buckles were, and cut the rest of the leather belt into three long strips.  She threaded the leather strips through the holes in her planter, and used the strips to hang her plant from the ceiling.  It looks great!


Get step-by-step instructions for this project at Bigger Than the Three of Us.

Old Belt Hangs Towels

At OhOh Blog, Ama came up with a really creative way to upcycle an old belt.  Check out this design for an ultra modern towel holder!


Making this new towel holder was simple.  Ama measured and cut the leather belt to the lengths she wanted.  She formed loops from the leather and screwed them in place onto her wall.  Wooden dowels hang suspended from the leather loops, ready to provide a place for the towels.  Such a great look with minimum fuss and expense.


Visit OhOh Blog to get all the details on this project.

Thrift Store Belt to Camera Strap

Wilma blogs at By Wilma.   When she wanted a new strap for her camera, she found inspiration at the thrift store!  A braided leather belt turned out to be just what she was looking for to create a new strap.

by wilma before

First, Wilma cut off the ends of the belt, leaving the pieces of leather sewn at each end attached to the belt.  Then she folded two pieces of ribbon, and used textile glue to hold the ends together.  Wilma cut open the two leather end pieces, inserted the ribbon loops, and secured them with more textile glue.  After the glue had dried, Wilma used two jump rings to attach the new strap to her camera.  Don’t you love the added personality Wilma’s new strap has?  I’ll be keeping my eye out for braided belts now!

by wilma after

You can find out more about how Wilma made her camera strap at By Wilma.

Braided Bracelet from an Old Belt

Have any old belts lying around your house?  If they are too small, too large, or have a rip or two between the belt holes, Luka of Schpeglar Bracelets has the perfect solution.

Schpeglar belt before

Luka figured out how to make handsome braided bracelets out of old belts.  It’s a great use for old leather.  The project looks simple enough that you could do it as a craft activity with your children, or one that teens could do on their own.

Schpeglar belt after

Get the full tutorial for this braided bracelet at Schpeglar Bracelets.