Painting Plastic Adirondack Chairs

“A neighbor down the street couldn’t fit her two green plastic adirondack chairs in her moving truck,” tells Amy at Sweet ‘n Sour Gumballs.   “These chairs were on their way to the dump until I intercepted.”  It just so happened that Amy had recently cleared away a spot in her backyard that was just perfect for a couple of nice chairs.


The only catch?  Well, these faded green chairs weren’t exactly nice.  No worries, though, Amy knew that a little paint and TLC was all it would take to fix them up.  After washing and drying the chairs, she sprayed them down with white paint in a satin gloss.  She recommends painting over plastic with a combo plastic primer + paint.  The white chairs look fantastic in her backyard with the addition of some preppy red striped pillows.  Here’s to summer!


Get all of Amy’s painting tips and info on how she styled her backyard seating area at Sweet ‘n Sour Gumballs.

That’s a Wrap! Outdoor Table Makeover

At Burlap & Blue, Linda had a small outdoor table that was badly in need of a makeover.  You know the type–sturdy iron framework bent into curlique shapes, with a glass table top?  Well, picture all of that without the glass, because the tabletop was missing.


After finding it at the thrift shop a while back, Linda had painted the table a bright, pretty blue, and her husband had cut a piece of wood to replace the missing glass.  It was functional, but Linda decided to take the makeover a notch or two further up the style charts.  She found a gorgeous piece of wrapping paper and literally wrapped it around the table top, coating it with outdoor grade Mod Podge.  What a great new look!


Click over to Burlap & Blue to learn more about the steps Linda took to perfectly execute this new look.

Keeping a Husband…and His Favorite Chair

“When I married my husband and we moved in to our forever home we merged our stuff. Now granted, not all my stuff was in great shape but nothing was as bad as his lawn chair,” says Debbie of One Day At a Time.  Since he refused to part with it, she decided to give the old chair a makeover.One Day at a Time lawn chair before

Debbie started by removing the old, ripped and frayed webbing.  Then she gave the chair a new coat of bright, blue paint.  Once painted, Debbie put new webbing onto the chair, which she’d been able to purchase at the local hardware store.  Finished, the chair looks and functions like it’s brand new!One Day at a Time lawn chair after

Find out more about this project (like where to find the webbing online) at One Day At a Time.


Adirondack Chairs from Pallets

Linda, who blogs at Those Crafty Sisters, didn’t have any chairs for her garden, but wished she did.  What Linda did have was a wood pallet.

Linda figured out how to use the pallet wood to build Adirondack chairs for her garden!  The wood from the pallet looks great in it’s natural state and will soon get a unique patina from the weather, but if Linda decides to stain it, that will look great, too!  I’m impressed that she figured out how to build these chairs with very little guidance.

Lucky for us, Linda provides a helpful tutorial on these chairs at Those Crafty Sisters, so we don’t have to figure it out by ourselves.