Bookshelf Upcycle with Pallet Wood

Over at Namely Original, Emily tells us, “While we were cleaning up/organizing our storage rooms in our basement, we found an old shelf that was in pieces.  It was a cheap laminate thing that was wobbly and good for nothing, really. So to strengthen it we used some–you guessed it–pallet wood.”

Namely Original shelf before

Like Emily said, the shelf was really nothing but a skeleton.  Using pallet wood added not only strength to the shelf, but visual interest, as well.  Now the shelf has a rustic vibe and works great as a bedside table.

Namely Original shelf after

You can learn more about this project at Namely Original.

Painted Laminate Bookshelves

Jenna from SAS Interiors had a pair of laminate bookshelves that she purchased from Wal-mart a couple of years ago. The shelves were bowing, which is kind of a problem for a bookshelf, and the dark wood tone was blending right in with Jenna’s newly-painted navy walls.

painted laminate bookcase before

While many people probably would send the bookcases packing, Jenna found a way to update the duo and make them work for her space. The makeover included new wood shelves and backing and a fresh coat of crisp white paint.

painted laminate bookcase after

If you have wondered about painting over laminate, Jenna offers a great tutorial to set you in the right direction! Check it out at SAS Interiors.