Fall Wreath from Upcycled Materials

At The DIY Mommy, Christina made a pretty fall wreath using materials from her recycling bin and her scrap fabric stash.  “ It was a complete experiment, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how pretty it turned out to be,” Christina says.


Instead of an expensive foam wreath block, Christina cut a circle out of a cardboard box.  To make the wreath, she cut rectangles of kraft paper (from an old roll she had on hand) that she glued to the cardboard form.  Christina made rosettes from burlap to decorate the wreath, and tied it in place with more burlap and ribbons.  “I love how the wreath looks ruffly and full from the side, even though its base is just a flat ring made from a diaper box!” she says.  It really is a beautiful wreath.


See the full tutorial for this wreath at The DIY Mommy.

Kraft Paper Tree Skirt

Kraft paper isn’t the first thing to come to mind when you think of Christmas, but Tracie from Cleverly Inspired is ready to change your mind.  She figured out how to turn inexpensive kraft paper into a Christmas tree skirt!

Tracie shaped the utilitarian kraft paper than she had on hand to make a sort of container around her tree, which she filled with potpourri and pretty things.  The effect is rustic and lovely.  A perfect backdrop for the gifts Santa will be delivering!

You can learn about how Tracie shaped the kraft paper tree skirt at Cleverly Inspired.