DIY Gold Wire Side Table

Over at Domestic Imperfection, Ashley has been admiring gold side tables for some time now. Wanting a pair for her guest room, she started to shop around, but was discouraged to find that most of them were either well out of her budget range.....or out of stock! Instead, Ashley decided to experiment with things she had around the house to see if she could DIY something similar. "And what I had was tomato cages, wire, spray paint, and lots of scrap wood," she notes.

Anthropologie Inspired Desk Organizer

When Katie of View From the Fridge spotted a pretty, gold desk caddy at Anthropologie, she was pretty sure she could DIY something very similar. At home, she discovered that she had several canisters in almost all of the sizes she needed. A trip to Goodwill produced a couple more, and she was off and running.

DIY Rustic Log iPad Stand

When Jessie at Imperfectly Polished spotted an ipod dock made from a rustic log in one of her favorite shelter mags, she was smitten.....and inspired.  All it took was a walk through the woods on their property with her husband for Jessie to find just what she needed to make a similar stand for her iPad. log-wood-branch