DIY Gold Wire Side Table

Over at Domestic Imperfection, Ashley has been admiring gold side tables for some time now.  Wanting a pair for her guest room, she started to shop around, but was discouraged to find that most of them were either well out of her budget range…..or out of stock!  Instead, Ashley decided to experiment with things she had around the house to see if she could DIY something similar.  “And what I had was tomato cages, wire, spray paint, and lots of scrap wood,” she notes.


Ashley started by clipping the long wire prongs off of her tomato cages.  Then, using the cages as a starting point, she strung wire vertically and horizontally around them.  After spraying the wire bases with gold paint, Ashley had her husband cut circular tabletops from some scrap pecan wood.  Now residing in the guest bedroom, you’d never guess that these pretty tables started out as old tomato cages!


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Ikea Cabinet Makeover with Pallet Wood

Over at Place of My Taste, Aniko has had this Ikea shelving system in her dining room for several years.  She loved the way it functioned, but when she spotted a similarly shaped cabinet at West Elm in a completely different style, it was love at first site.


Aniko decided to use her existing buffet cabinet as a starting point to get the look of the West Elm buffet that she so admired.  “I went to a local business place where they make pallets and asked them if they perhaps have some wood pieces that they don’t need anymore. I gave them my best smile and got a bunch of wood panels,” Aniko explains.  She stained the wood and cut it to fit the doors on her cabinet, then simply screwed the wood panels onto the doors.  The results are completely gorgeous–even better than the West Elm version, if you ask me!.


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Antique Couch Becomes a Deconstructed Bench

“The 100+ year old couch had a lovely life but had resided in an airplane hanger for sometime,” Amanda says at Mommy Is Coocoo.  Appreciating the sturdy frame and funk claw feet, she took it home and turned it into a bench for her boys’ bedroom.


Inspired by Restoration Hardware’s Napoleon upholstered ottoman, Amanda started the makeover with some serious deconstruction.  She pulled away all of the upholstery along with the back and arms.  A new frame for the seat got topped with a new foam cushion covered in denim.  Amanda kept the frame as it was, without upholstery, so that it gives off a cool industrial vibe.  She tells us, “It is a great spot for reading but it is also big enough to be used as a third bed.”  How versatile!


Visit Mommy Is Coocoo for more information about this makeover.

White and Gold Fall Decor for Less

Inspired by some pretty gold pumpkins she spotted at Target, Aniko from Place of My Heart decided to create her old golden Autumn decor for less.  She started with some wine bottles from her recycling bin and a few small, decorative pumpkins.


Aniko turned the wine bottles into pretty vases with spray paint.  She painted them white, first, then used washi tape to tape off stripes on one before spraying it over with gold.  The other bottle got some gold polka dots.  The decorative pumpkins also got the Midas touch with gold spray paint.  Arranged on her dining table, the gold and white objects make a lovely centerpiece.


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Family Entryway Locker System

At Vintage Charm Restored, Lori really needed a way to corral her family’s belongings right where they go in and out:  the entryway.  The locker systems she spotted in catalogs were just too pricey, so Lori came up with a way to custom design a system, using completely repurposed supplies.cut-up-chairs

Some of the items that she used to put together her entryway storage included old chairs, salvaged doors, and leftover wood from other projects.  Lori painted and stained all the different finishes so that they would look more cohesive.  She added pretty cushions and a burlap ruffle around the bench to dress it up a bit.  Lori’s DIYed locker system really fits the style of her

Get all the details and a full tutorial on how this locker system was put together at Vintage Charm Restored.

Anthropologie Inspired Desk Organizer

When Katie of View From the Fridge spotted a pretty, gold desk caddy at Anthropologie, she was pretty sure she could DIY something very similar.  At home, she discovered that she had several canisters in almost all of the sizes she needed.  A trip to Goodwill produced a couple more, and she was off and running.


Katie glue her canisters onto a board–another thing she already had–with liquid nails.  Once the glue dried, she gave everything several coats of gold spray paint.  This was such a simple project that from that point, all Katie needed to do was fill up her new desk organizer.  Awesome!


Go view the full tutorial for this project at View From the Fridge.

Elegant Succulent Lamp Post

Inspired by a picture she saw of lamp post succulent planters, Sara from Thrifty Treasures decided to see if she could make one of her one.  She had an old floor lamp and some wire lamp shade frames that she thought she ought to be able to transform.


To make a lamp post planter of her own, Sara started by taking apart her floor lamp.  Next, she glued her lampshades together to form a cage that she could fit atop the lamp post.  She added a finial to the top and some crystals dangling form the bottom to add some elegance.  A planter fit inside the cage is just right for containing the succulents.  What a great knock-off, Sara!


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DIY Rustic Log iPad Stand

When Jessie at Imperfectly Polished spotted an ipod dock made from a rustic log in one of her favorite shelter mags, she was smitten…..and inspired.  All it took was a walk through the woods on their property with her husband for Jessie to find just what she needed to make a similar stand for her iPad.


“I wanted something unique to hold my iPad in the kitchen while cooking so I can follow recipes on it,” she explains.  So, after finding just the right log, Jessie’s husband cut it down to size.  Jessie peeled away excess bark, then they used a dremmel to cut a notch into the top of the log, just the right size for holding up a tablet.  She got the look she wanted without paying a dime!


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