Mason Jars Made Into Canisters

“Mason jars make good canisters because you can fit a lot in them without taking up much counter space,” says Roxanne at The Honeycomb Home. “But because they were clear, it looked a little messy.”


Roxanne decided that painting her mason jars would improve their appearance in her kitchen.  Besides, she needed a small project for her first-time use of chalk paint!  She painted her jars, layering white paint over blue.  Roxanne lightly sanded the painted glass to give it a distressed finish, and added a chalkboard label to each jar.  What a cute look for her kitchen!


Click over to The Honeycomb Home to take a closer look at this project.

Adore this Door for Kitchen Storage

Over at Simply Vintageous, Suzan really has a thing for old doors.  She loves turning them into new, fun decor for her home.  Her latest vintage door project found it’s new home in her kitchen.

Simply Vintageous old door

The color scheme in Suzan’s kitchen is gray, white, and black.  So when another old door came her way, Suzan decided to paint it to match the kitchen.  She used Paris Grey from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint mixed with Old White – half and half – dry brushed and Old White for trim of the door.  To add functionality to the door, Suzan attached various hooks and shelving, so that the old door could serve as rustic backdrop for pots, pans, serving ware, and collectibles in her kitchen.  Great idea!

Simply Vintageous old door for kitchen storage

Go to Simply Vintageous to learn more about this rescued door turned to kitchen display.

Using an Old Box to Organize in the Kitchen

Diana blogs at Adirondack Girl.  One day she was eyeing the cardboard box that her Keurig coffee mixes come in, and thought, “There must be something clever I can do with this box.”

Adirondack Girl keurig box before

She pulled out the scissors and began to cut away at the box, trying to discover a useful new shape for it.  Eventually, she cut down the front and sides, creating a magazine-style storage box.  But she didn’t stop there!  Diana pulled out the spray paint, covering up the cardboard with Rustoleum’s “Cinnamon”.  She made her own label holder and glued it to the box.  The label reads “mixes”, and that’s exactly what Diana is using this for–she’s keeping all those little mix packets that get scattered in the cupboards handy inside the box.  Great idea!Adirondack Girl keurig box afterVisit Adirondack Girl to read more about this upcycled box project.

Reclaimed Wood for Kitchen Organization

Over at It’s Overflowing, Aimee shares a quick organization project that started with a pile of wood.  “This reclaimed wood sitting on a neighbor’s curb on trash day was screaming rescue me!” she says.

It's Overflowing reclaimed wood before

Aimee took the wood home and used some of it to build small, multi-level shelves for her spice cabinet.  “Three levels for my spices is so ideal — I have always loved the staircase effect I have for my canned goods, not sure what took me so long to set my spices up with the same royal treatment!   I love having every square inch of my kitchen totally useable!” Aimee explains.  It’s a simple project that fulfills a kitchen storage problem many of us have–thanks for an easy solution, Aimee!

It's Overflowing reclaimed wood after

You can find out more about this project at It’s Overflowing.

Old Door Kitchen Organizer

At C.R.A.F.T., Jamie and her husband have to think out of the box to create storage space that can go with them when they move out of their little rental.  Kitchen storage was especially hard to come by–made even more challenging since the walls of their apartment are cement, so drilling holes in the wall is out of the question.  The solution to Jamie’s kitchen storage problem came in the form of an old door purchased from Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for $5.

CRAFT door organizer before

I had no idea an old door could provide such fun and functional storage!  First, Jamie gave it a whimsical, sunny paint job.  Then, she created lots of places to hand kitchen tools on the door by adding Command hooks, magnetic strips, and wire shelving.  There’s even room for some sentimental needlework that actually pulls together all the colors of the various kitchen tools.  I’m totally blown away by this project!

CRAFT door organizer after

You can learn more about how Jamie turned this door into highly usable storage at C.R.A.F.T.

Repurposing a CD Box

At Pondered Primed Perfected, Sherry had this plain, wooden CD box that had been sitting around her house for a while.  It wasn’t getting much use as a CD holder anymore, so she decided it was time to give it a new job.

Painted black with a favorite saying on front and the addition of some rusty hinges for character, the box now sits in Sherry’s kitchen window and holds her live wheatgrass.  It’s the perfect size for the space and the bright green wheatgrass looks great against the slightly distressed black box.

You can read more about this makeover and how Sherry lettered the box at Pondered Primed Perfected.

Table Kitchen Cart

Aimee from It’s Overflowing snatched up this old table from the side of the road while on her way to church one Sunday morning. Based on the way the paint was chipping and flying off with the slightest breeze, the table definitely seemed like it had weathered the elements. table to kitchen cart before

The worn table’s future became clear as Aimee was perusing Pinterest and set eyes on a kitchen cart that had been created from a table. Aimee fitted her table with a new bottom shelf, towel bar, and casters to make her own rolling cart. Talk about a fabulous repurpose project for a small table! table to kitchen cart after

Check out the tutorial at It’s Overflowing.