From the Kitchen to the Garden

Over at Hawthorne and Main, Shonee has been wishing for a garden cart.  So, when she discovered this old, ugly kitchen cart, Shonee knew just what she wanted to do with it!


To transform the old kitchen cart into a pretty place to work outside, she decided to start with paint.  Chalk paint was her paint of choice, since it requires no sanding and very little prep work.  Shonee loves having storage options, and since the cart only had a single drawer, she added pegboard to the side of the cart for some added storage.  “So far I have used this gardening station quite a bit and I’m excited to finally have an organized place to put all of my gardening stuff,” she tells us.


Jump over to Hawthorne and Main to get more details on this project.

This Island Was Deserted…Then Rescued!

Laurie of Laurie Jones Home tells us, “I found this kitchen island sitting on the side of the road and quickly grabbed it.”  It was pretty grimy and the bottom was buckled with water damage, but she could see it’s potential.

Laurie Jones Home kitchen island before

At home, Laurie spent two days wiping the island off with bleach over and over again and letting it dry.  She sanded and prepped the piece, then painted the base of the island (which was laminate and required special primer) in “Mountain Smoke” from the Pantone Color Line at Lowe’s.  She stained the wood on the top of the island with Rustoleum’s wood stain in “Kona”.  Laurie even spray painted the island hardware and wire baskets with an oil rubbed bronze color.  Seeing the finished island, you’d never guess it was once put on the roadside for trash collection–it’s simply beautiful, now.

Laurie Jones Home kitchen island after

Get all the details of this makeover at Laurie Jones Home.

Desk Becomes Kitchen Island

At DeeConstructed, Deanna had been asked by a friend to keep an eye out for something he could use as an island in his kitchen.  She found this desk on the curb on trash day, and decided that with a little effort, she might be able to transform it into a kitchen island.

A fresh coat of paint and a slab of butcher block did the trick.  For a very low cost, Deanna was able to give her friend a fantastic island for his bachelor pad kitchen.  I think Deanna did a great job reimagining the possibilities for this little student desk, don’t you?

There’s a detailed tutorial for making this kitchen island from a desk at DeeConstructed.

Kitchen Work Table from the Barnyard

Over at Beyond the Picket Fence, Becky says that she found this little work table in the burn pile at her local fairground.  Based on the chicken poop she scrubbed off of it, Becky thinks it must have been used in the one of the barns.  It was in really rough shape.

After a thorough cleaning, Becky transformed the trashed table into a handy work station for her kitchen.  The bright red and white paint keeps things looking fresh, and the handy hooks make it easy to have towels and cloths there were you need them.  It’s a fun, useful addition to Becky’s kitchen.

 Read more about the makeover she gave the little table at Beyond the Picket Fence.


Butcher Block Countertop

Ahna from Easier Than I Thought was majorly bummed when a tree blew over the umbrella on her eucalyptus wood outdoor table and caused the tabletop to split in half. She had already enlisted the help of her hubs to carry it to the curb when she realized the base was still in perfect condition.

outdoor table with crack

Instead of kicking the table to the curb, Ahna repurposed the base and rebuilt it to become a butcher block island for her kitchen. I am in love with my own butcher block countertop and think upcycling an old table is a fabulous option for those who would love to add an island to their kitchen without breaking the bank!

outdoor table to butcher block counter

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Distressed Black Kitchen Island

Brenda at The Bizzi B was fortunate to have a friend tip her off about some table pieces lingering on the side of the road. Pretty much it was just a top and the legs, as the base of the table was in shambles and beyond repair.


Brenda’s handy husband lovingly built a new base, transforming the former table into the perfect island for Brenda’s kitchen. I love the sentiment behind this project, as Brenda says, “This project is what jump-started me to finally begin the blog I’ve wanted to do for so long!!” Welcome, Brenda!

Trash to treasure kitchen island

Head to The Bizzi B to read more and give Brenda a warm welcome to the blogging world.