Kids Art Desk from an Armoire

A friend of Gail's found this kid-sized armoire in a pile of furniture on the side of the road. Knowing that Gail (of My Repurposed Life) is a genius at refabbing old furniture, the friend brought the whole pile to her. I'm pretty amazed by what she did with the armoire.

Vintage School Desk Gets Smart

"During one of my trash picking adventures last summer, I discovered this amazing vintage school desk sitting road side," says Emily at Elizabeth Joan Designs. Seeing beyond the peeling paint job, she could see the potential in this desk and took it home.
Namely Original bunkbed before

Bunk Bed Budget Redo

At Namely Original, Emily and her mom have been helping to put together the children's rooms in a new home.  The bunk beds that they owned had seen better days, and the owners were ready to send them to the dump.  Luckily, Emily's mom convinced them that they were worth trying to salvage. Namely Original bunkbed before
Night Owl Corner play kitchen before

A Mini Kitchen Renovation

At Night Owl Corner, Linda explains, "My dad built this play kitchen for my sister and I when we were kids.  It's been up in the attic collecting dust for the past two decades until I decided to freshen it up for my own daughter. I told my Dad he did a great job building it but it needed a woman's touch in terms of color!" Night Owl Corner play kitchen before
We Three Mothers play kitchen before

Play Kitchen from a Bedside Table

Mandy of We Three Mothers writes, "About a month ago, Cooper was having a lot of fun playing restaurant and grocery store owner in the play room with our Melissa and Doug food items and Kiwi Crate grocery apron. I've been wanting a little kitchen for Lily and Cooper for a while, but am not a fan of the plastic ones they sell, and the wooden ones everywhere are pretty pricey.  Alas! Cooper and I decided to turn this little table into an oven!" We Three Mothers play kitchen before
Honeybear Lane table before

End Table to Kids’ Workbench

"This kids workbench is built on one of those old ugly end tables that probably everyone had in the 90′s.  I originally used it for a base of a train table for my boys but it turned out that they preferred building their tracks on the floor," explains Heidi at Honeybear Lane. Honeybear Lane table before  
Redoux Interiors table before

Children’s Table Makeover

If you have a table that's just for the kids, then you have a pretty good idea of what those tables can look like after years of use:  scratched, dented, and topped with lots of happy scribbles!  That was about the shape this table was in when it was given to Karen of Redoux Interiors. Redoux Interiors table before