Kids Art Desk from an Armoire

A friend of Gail’s found this kid-sized armoire in a pile of furniture on the side of the road.  Knowing that Gail (of My Repurposed Life) is a genius at refabbing old furniture, the friend brought the whole pile to her.  I’m pretty amazed by what she did with the armoire.


Inspired by another armoire transformation she’d seen on a home improvement show, Gail decided to turn hers into a children’s art desk!  She made some repairs and did a little chopping and sawing to get the piece just right.  The addition of a drop down table really put things in motion.  Gail gave the cabinet a fresh coat of paint (including chalkboard paint inside the doors), new hardware, and stocked it with art supplies.  What a fun place for kids to create!


You’ve got to check out how Gail made this kid-friendly-craft armoire at My Repurposed Life.

A Child-Sized Chair Refinished in Pretty Pastels

Over at Mommy is Coocoo, Amanda was thrilled to be given this little chair as a hand-me-down.  She completely fell in love with the French Provincial style and curvy lines of this chair, but the teddy bear upholstery……not so much.


Amanda pulled off the bear fabric and got down to business.  She painted over the wood parts of the chair with homemade chalk paint that she made out of a $3 sample paint pot.  Next, Amanda selected fabric in a pretty bird print that matched the newly lavender chair.  Some light distressing and waxing finished off this little beauty.


Get all the details on this makeover by visiting Mommy is Coocoo.

Vintage School Desk Gets Smart

“During one of my trash picking adventures last summer, I discovered this amazing vintage school desk sitting road side,” says Emily at Elizabeth Joan Designs.  Seeing beyond the peeling paint job, she could see the potential in this desk and took it home.


To refresh the look of this desk, Emily sanded down the desk, removing the worn paint.  She applied a dark stain.  For some extra flair, after the stain dried Emily taped off the bottom porstion of the legs and painted them white for the oh-so-popular paint-dipped look.  How adorable!  I’m completely smitten.


Visit Elizabeth Joan Designs to learn more about this desk makeover.

Kids’ Card Table Renewed

“We have had this folding table FOREVER, probably around 8 years–and it has seen better days,” notes Marji at Fabulessly Frugal.  It’s something that her girls use frequently when they play, so she decided it would be worth some time to give it an update.


Marji started the makeover by removing the top of the table from the base.  She spray painted the metal frame aqua blue.  Next, Marji went to work on the tabletop, using a vinyl tablecloth in a swanky zebra stripe to replace the original, ripped vinyl.  You can imagine how excited her girls were to have a “new” table!


Click over to Fabulessly Frugal to get all the details on this card table makeover.

Rescued Desk Finds a New Home and a New Look

“A little more than a month ago my mom called me to let me know she had found a small desk on the side of the road, and snagged it for me,” says Bekah at Country Mouse Tales.  “The first time I saw the desk it was sitting in her backyard, and I didn’t immediately have high hopes.”

Country Mouse Tales school desk before

Despite it’s rough shape, Bekah took the desk home and decided to see what she could do with it–without investing much.  She made a few repairs and sanded away years of scratches and stains from the desktop before staining it.  Bekah painted the rest of the desk with a sample jar of Valspar’s “Perfect Storm”.  To help the little hands at her house be better able to open the desk drawers, she added some simple rope handles.  The result of her low-budget efforts is an adorable desk for the playroom that looks like it’s worth much more than Bekah’s small investment.

Country Mouse Tales school desk after

Learn more about this rescued desk makeover at Country Mouse Tales.

Bunk Bed Budget Redo

At Namely Original, Emily and her mom have been helping to put together the children’s rooms in a new home.  The bunk beds that they owned had seen better days, and the owners were ready to send them to the dump.  Luckily, Emily’s mom convinced them that they were worth trying to salvage.

Namely Original bunkbed before

The bunk was sturdy, it just didn’t look so good.  Emily and her mom sanded and stained the furniture, giving it a rich, dark look.  The new, darker color works really well with the other rustic and vintage touches being used in this room.  A little effort saved the new homeowners a bundle of money!  What’s not to love about that?

Namely Original bunkbed after

Get more info on this bunkbed rescue and see some pictures of the other fun decorating touches in this room at Namely Original.

A Mini Kitchen Renovation

At Night Owl Corner, Linda explains, “My dad built this play kitchen for my sister and I when we were kids.  It’s been up in the attic collecting dust for the past two decades until I decided to freshen it up for my own daughter. I told my Dad he did a great job building it but it needed a woman’s touch in terms of color!”

Night Owl Corner play kitchen before

Before adding any color, Linda took the time to sand down the old finish and cover it with a stain blocking primer.  She painted the kitchen in cheerful pastels.  Next, the kitchen got a few updates:  a plexiglas “window” for the oven, a new sink made from a restaurant warming tray, new hardware, and even new burners for the stove.  For those, Linda says, “I spray painted cork mats silver and cut strips to look like burners from glitter foam sheets.”  As you can imagine, Linda’s little daughter was thrilled by the new kitchen, and it looks like it will enjoy years more of imaginary play.

Night Owl Corner play kitchen after

Learn more about this sweet play kitchen renovation at Night Owl Corner.

Kids Picnic Table Refreshed

“I wanted a picnic table for the kids so badly, but I did not want to pay for it,” confesses Beth of Pickles In My Tea and In My Soup.  “Luckily, the stars all aligned and I found one for free on Freecycle.”

Pickles in My Tea and In My Soup picnic table before

The plastic picnic table was the perfect size for Beth’s three little tykes, but it was a tad bit boring–not to mention faded.  A Google search confirmed that similar tables had been successfully painted.  “So thanks for the good people who invented Krylon Fusion spray paint, my boring picnic table is now a colorful fun place for kids!”  The table now looks brand new and ready for hours of fun in the sun.

Pickles in My Tea and In My Soup picnic table after

Find out more about this refabbed picnic table at Pickles In My Tea and In My Soup.