Old Bangles to Colorful Summer Bracelets

At My Craftily Ever After, Ashley confesses her love/hate relationship with jewelry. "I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings...but when it comes to bracelets, necklaces, and even rings that aren't my wedding ring...I just feel awkward." To prove her point, Ashley submits these silver bangle bracelets which she'd owned for a few years but rarely wore because the jangling noise they make bothered her.
Doodle Craft legos before

Lego Jewelry

At Doodle Craft, Natalie came up with a great way to turn Legos into jewelry.  If you have kids, you probably have Legos, and if you've stepped on one too many, this could potentially be a great way to repurpose the ones you find on the floor!
Smith of All Trades before

Recycled Chandelier Bib Necklace

Jessica from  A Smith of All Trades has a mother-in-law who keeps an eye out for craft supplies.  When she gave Jessica a bundle of chandelier crystals she'd found, Jessica wasn't exactly sure what to do with them.  The crystals were old and dirty, so Jessica gave them a good scrubbing and then went to work crafting.