Clothespin Necklace Holder

Over at Our Peaceful Planet, Nancy is sharing an “an organizer and a craft! BONUS!” She’s found on a great way to display jewelry using leftover clothespins. I bet this easy craft would be a hit with the tweens/teens in your life!


Nancy painted a wooden plaque left over from a previous project, then painted her clothespins a contrasting color. She glued jewels from a broken bracelet onto the clothespins for that extra bit of sparkle, then glued the clothespins onto the board. All that’s left to attach is a picture hanger for the back of the plaque and you’re in business. And in case we weren’t impressed enough, the necklaces Nancy is displaying are homemade too!

Clothespin-Necklace-HolderSee the complete tutorial at Our Peaceful Planet.


Heart Charms from Upcycled Cardboard

A cereal box has so much potential once the cereal is gone.  It’s made of lightweight cardboard that’s perfect for all kinds of projects.  Here’s a cute one from Daniela at Curly Made.


Daniela cut apart her empty cereal box and then traced small heart shapes onto it.  After cutting out several hearts, she glued them together in stacks of three and punched a tiny hole in the top.  Next, Daniela used nail polish to paint her dimensional hearts.  She drew a “heart beat” onto each one.  The finished hearts can be attached to a chain to make a necklace or charm bracelet.  Too cute!


Click over to Curly Made to see a video tutorial for this project.

Old Bangles to Colorful Summer Bracelets

At My Craftily Ever After, Ashley confesses her love/hate relationship with jewelry.  “I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings…but when it comes to bracelets, necklaces, and even rings that aren’t my wedding ring…I just feel awkward.”  To prove her point, Ashley submits these silver bangle bracelets which she’d owned for a few years but rarely wore because the jangling noise they make bothered her.


Ashley decided she might wear her bangles more often if she could make them quieter.  So she raided her embroidery thread stash and found some cute neon colors.  Ashley wrapped the thread around the bracelets and knotted it off to finish them.  Now her bangles are not only quiet, they’re also colorful summer accessories!


Read Ashley’s detailed instructions on how to wrap the thread around the bracelets without leaving any gaps at My Craftily Ever After.

Adding Personality with a Monogram

Briana from Posh Purpose was given this ceramic basket by her aunt.  “The style didn’t really work for me,” she confesses.  “The basket had been hiding out behind some picture frames on my bookshelf, totally forgotten.”


When Briana needed something fun to add to a gift bag of jewelry that she was giving to her own niece, she thought of the basket.  She used gold spray paint that she already had on hand to cover the admittedly ugly faux rope finish.  Next, she stenciled an initial–the letter M–onto the inside of the basket.  To make it extra fun, Briana used blue glitter!  Her niece was delighted with this personalized drop spot for her jewelry.



Go over to Posh Purpose to find out more about this rescue.

Wine Cork Necklace

Daniela blogs at Curly Made.  Her latest creation?  A necklace made from a wine cork!


This is a really great idea, and an inexpensive one, too.  “I made this without spending any money,”  Daniela says.  “I used some old materials that I already had and a cork.”  She cut the cork to the shape that she wanted, and painted a cool graphic design on it using nail polish.  It looks like an amazing piece of handcrafted boutique jewelry.


You can see a video tutorial for this project at Curly Made.

A Fun Craft with Vacation Mementos: Postcard Pendants

Over at The Daily Simple, Aubrey shares a way to turn old postcards into pretty jewelry.  For this project, she used vintage postcards that she found at an antique store, but you could also use old postcards that you’ve kept from vacations or in your letter boxes.  (If you are like me, you’ve probably got quite a few postcards in a shoebox someplace!)

The Daily Simple old postcards before

One of the fun things about this project is that instead of finding all the supplies for making jewelry at a big-box craft store, Aubrey looked for hers at the thrift store.  She says that all you need to do is find an old pendant necklace or earrings and remove the center stone or whatever is inside the pennant.  Then, she simply cuts out the part of the postcard that she wants to feature in the necklace, puts it inside the pennant, and covers it with dimmensional Mod Podge.  The result is a unique piece of jewelry that, if you are lucky, holds a fun vacation memory, too!

The Daily Simple old postcards after

View the full tutorial for this project at The Daily Simple.

Upcycled Jewelry Box

Amy from Mod Podge Rocks recently scored a sweet little jewelry box at Goodwill.  As soon as she saw it, she thought of the perfect way to give it a fresh new look with some Mod Podge and resin.

mod podge rocks before

Amy started by chipping off the rose detail from the glass insert, then removed the box’s hardware.  She traced all the faces of the box as well as the glass insert on the back of some scrapbook paper.  After cutting out the paper tracings, Amy sanded the box and painted the wood black.  Next she coated the glass insert and box with Mod Podge and positioned the pieces of paper.  Amy gave the entire box two top coats of Mod Podge, prepared her resin, and poured it onto the glass insert on the lid.  After letting it dry, she reassembled the box and added a fun cameo embellishment to the lid.  I love the finished product!  I’d be excited to organize my jewelry in such a pretty box!  Great job, Amy!

mod podge rocks after

Find the step-by-step instructions for how to upcycle a box like this from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks.

Upcycled Washi Tape Bracelets

When Michelle from Delicate Construction finished a craft project using Duck Tape, she didn’t throw away the empty cardboard rolls.  Instead, she looked at them and thought, “Why not make a bracelet?”

delicate construction before

Michelle started with the two empty cardboard rolls and some Washi tape.  She wrapped the tape on to the roll one row at a time, overlapping the ends of the tape on the inside of the roll so that the outside of the roll would look finished.   Repeating rows of Washi tape all the way around the rolls was all it took to make Michelle’s cute chunky bracelets!  I think they’ll add a fun flair to any outfit!

delicate construction after

You can visit Michelle at Delicate Construction to learn more about this project.