Making a Mason Jar Vase

Here’s a great idea for turning a mason jar into a cute vase from Shanna at Restoration Redoux.  Shanna made this one for Spring (and especially Easter), but you could adapt her directions for any season or holiday.

mason jar

Shanna started with a regular ol’ glass canning jar.  She cut out a cute bunny silhouette from contact paper and afixed it to the jar.  Next, she painted the entire jar with aqua blue craft paint, completely covering the sticker.  When the paint dried, Shanna peeled off the sticker reveal a sweet bunny silhouette on the glass.  Too cute!


Visit Restoration Redoux to see the step by step process for making this cute mason jar vase.

Blue Birds in a Jar for Spring

Have any glass jars around your house that need a new purpose?  Bonnie of Pin Junkie has the perfect idea for you, just in time for Spring!


Linda used her glass jar to make a faux terrarium, with two delightful little birds inside.  She filled the bottom of the jar with moss.  She cut a stick to fit inside the jar, and attached the birds to the stick with wire.  Linda dressed up the lid of the jar with fabric and ribbon.  Sweet!


Click over to Pin Junkie to get more information on this project.

Patriotic Mason Jars Centerpiece

At Mason Jar Crafts Love, Linda shares her love for Mason jars and all the creative possibilities they provide.  Recently she decided to take three old Mason jars and make them into a patriotic centerpiece for the Fourth of July!

mason jar crafts love before

To transform her jars into an Old Glory-inspired centerpiece, Linda started by painting two jars white and one jar blue with acrylic paint.  On the two white jars, she taped off stripes with washi tape and painted on red stripes.  Linda made her own star stamp by attaching rubber stars she found in the kids’ section at the craft store on top of an old wine cork.  She stamped white stars onto the blue jar, then used a bit of sandpaper to give all three jars a distressed finish.  I think these jars are the perfect way to add patriotic pride to any table, don’t you?

mason jar crafts love after

Learn more about how Linda painted the Mason jars at Mason Jar Crafts Love.

Jar Soap Dispenser

Over at OhOh Blog, Ama made a darling soap dispenser from a simple jar.  It’s a great way to repurpose a glass jar.

OhOh Blog soap jar before

For this project, Ama used a jam jar.  The tall, skinny jar is a fun departure from the typical Mason jar.  She added a really darling label as a finishing touch.  If you didn’t know better, I think it would be hard to guess that this pretty soap dispenser didn’t come from a fancy boutique!

OhOh Blog soap jar after

Find out more about this project at OhOh Blog.