curbside bulletin board

Fabric Covered Bulletin Board

This bulletin board shows just how skilled the ladies over at Namely Original are at bringing new life to old, discarded items. Julia had been looking for a new cork board, but her mom was not too excited about forking over the money. Therefore, she found a more budget-friendly option in this curbside find. curbside bulletin board
free craigslist wingback chair

Reupholstered Wingback Chair

Mary Anne from Purposedly Reinvented chose this beauty for her very first reupholstering project. She found it for FREE off Craigslist and instantly saw the potential in its tiny little ad photo. Her husband, on the other hand, was of course shaking his head and questioning how anything beautiful could ever come of the eyesore. free craigslist wingback chair
curbside desk

Ombre Desk

Considering many charities will actually drive to your house to pick up items, it is a wonder people still throw away perfectly good pieces of furniture and decorative items. No matter the reason, Serena from Thrift Diving looks at it as “an opportunity to transform other people’s cast-offs from the ‘uninspiring’ to the ‘unbelievable.’” curbside desk
dresser to desk before

Dresser to Desk

I always love to see a piece of furniture reconstructed to serve a new purpose. Alicia from Thrifty and Chic performed one such miraculous transformation on a 1970s dresser that was in a client’s office and on its way to the thrift store. dresser to desk before