Rainbow Crayon Organizer from Upcycled Cans

At Sugar Bee Crafts, Mandy is getting her children ready to go back to school.  She came up with a way to upcycle a few cans and keep her family’s crayon collection organized.

Sugar Bee Crafts crayon organizer before

For this project, Mandy upcycled the smaller vegetable cans–you know, the ones that usually have pop tab tops.  They are just the right size for crayons and don’t have sharp edges.  She wrapped colorful paper around each can to indicate which color of crayon it should hold.  Then, Mandy made a simple base for the cans, to keep them sitting in a row.  How cute is that?

Sugar Bee Crafts crayon organizer after

Follow Mandy’s tutorial over at Sugar Bee Crafts to upcycle  a few of your own canned goods into a rainbow crayon organizer.

Tin Cans to Colorful Craft Organization

At  The Crafted Sparrow, Rebecca was in the process of giving her craft room a makeover, so she saved tin cans to help her organize supplies.  She had planned on painting them, but came up with an even better idea!

the crafted sparrow before

Having heard about the much-coveted (and inexpensive) washi tape at Target, Rebecca bought some to see for herself if it was worth the hype.   So instead of painting her tin cans, she decided to give the washi tape a chance.  “I had the need to try it out, and I really like it.  It’s a really quick way to add a pop of color to things,” Rebecca exclaimed.  The process was pretty simple, she just wrapped the tape around the cans, varying the coordinating patterns of tape.  But what stunning results!  I love the pop of color and sophistication the washi tape adds to plain old tin cans!

the crafted sparrow after

Visit The Crafted Sparrow to learn more about Rebecca’s beautiful new craft supply holders.

Tin Can Succulent Garden

Here’s a quick and easy upcycling project from Eliza of Eliza K.  You should have most of the materials you need for this right on hand–especially if you’ve warmed up any canned soup, lately.

Eliza used her clean tin cans to make this pretty little succulent garden.  Succulents are just as cute as they can be, anyway.  Sticking them in some decorated cans just doubles the fun!  Eliza offers some great information about upcycling vs. recycling in this post, too.

You can see the full tutorial at Eliza K.

Tin Can Craft Caddy

I know all of us are always looking for convenient and manageable ways to store our crafting supplies. Recycled products often are the perfect solution. They are free and ecofriendly. Double whammie! Cynthia Shaffer got her art materials under control with a collection of tin cans.

tin can caddy

Wrapped with some pretty patterned fabrics, the cans make a fabulous and functional organizer. With the added convenience of the lazy Susan, all your supplies are right at your fingertips. So the lesson here is to think twice before you toss that green bean can into the recycling bin or trash!

tin can craft caddy

Get the complete tutorial at Cynthia Shaffer.

Tin Can Game

When in need of some party games for a bunch of active little boys, Heidi from Homemade Beauties by Heidi came up with this great idea that repurposes tin cans. Heidi used vegetable cans with pull tops for her game so there were no sharp edges.

tin cans

In honor of the ever-so-popular Angry Birds game, Heidi gave her tin cans little pig faces using some craft paint. She also painted red bouncy balls like the red birds so the boys could have a blast launching them at the pig tins. This is just too cute!

angry birds tin can game

See Heidi’s tutorial at Homemade Beauties by Heidi.