Pallet Wood + Pretty Frame = Pure Fall Goodness

Allison of The Golden Sycamore has had some pallets sitting in her driveway that she’d been meaning to repurpose.  “Since we also have lots of furniture and random accessories in our basement, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone,” Allison tells us.  “I took this large mirror that we weren’t using and a pallet to create an art display for our living room.”

The Golden Sycamore mirror and pallet before

The steps for this project were fairly simple, according to Allison.  Her husband ripped apart the pallet and laid out the boards horizontally.  Allison removed the mirror from it’s frame (no worries, she’s saving it for another project) and painted the frame white.  Once the frame was painted, it was ready to hold the “canvas” of pallet wood.  While this rustic backdrop will be perfect for all kinds of future seasonal decor, right now Allison has it dressed up for fall with some cute decor items.  I love it!

The Golden Sycamore project feature

If you’ve FALLen in love with this pallet project, visit The Golden Sycamore to see the tutorial for making one of your own.

Old Pallets + Old Belts = Something Special

Over at Our Pinteresting Family, Meghan shares another great use for pallet wood.  “We had a few pallets left in the garage from last summer. I mentioned to Rob that it may be time to find them a new home or put them on Free-cycle.”  Rob, however, had a better idea, that included upcycling the pallets and some old belts from Meghan’s closet.

Our Pinteresting Family belts before

Rob made some rustic looking trays with the wood.  After carefully taking apart the pallets, he cut the wood to the sizes needed.  The boards were nailed to form shallow boxes, and stained to have a lovely, worn patina.  Meghan’s old belts were cut apart to make handles for the trays–a genius use for the leather!  She explains about the trays, “We are going to use them for the deck this summer to hold drinks or flowers.”  Great idea!  I think I need some of these.

Our Pinteresting Family belts after

Get more details on the making of these pallet trays at Our Pinteresting Family.

Pallet and Plate Wall Art

At House by Hoff, April had a blank wall in her dining area that needed a little something.  “I considered doing some pallet art.  I considered hanging some plates,” she says.  “Then, in a moment of sheer genius, I considered doing both.”

House by Hoff pallet wood before

April sent her husband out to find a pallet, and he was good enough to spot this one on the side of the road and bring it home.  Together, they took apart the pallet, cut down the boards, and glued them back together to create simple squares.  Next, April stained the squares and sanded them until they had the roughed up, aged patina that she wanted.  Then, she used Gorilla Glue to attach pretty white plates to the squares, and hung them on the blank wall.  Simply beautiful!

House by Hoff pallet wood after

Get all the details on this project at House by Hoff.

Pallet Clock

It’s a double hitter–two pallet projects in one day!  I just had to show off the great wall clock Mandy–and her husband–at Sugar Bee Crafts made from a pallet.

Sugar Bee Crafts pallet clock before

Mandy started with a typical pallet.  She recently discovered that there Michael’s sells clock making supplies, so she picked up everything else she needed there.  To add a bit of color and flair to this project, Mandy spray painted the clock pieces a pretty shade of aqua blue.  Now that it is hanging on her wall, Mandy says, “I just love to sit back and stare at it.  And here the comforting tick-tock.  I really enjoy the dimension that the pallet gives to the wall.  And before it was just a blank wall above the piano – this fills the space perfectly.”  Great project, Mandy!

Sugar Bee Crafts pallet clock after

You can learn more about this clock at Sugar Bee Crafts.

Pallet Wood Fold-Up Desk

I’m lucky enough to have Karianne of Thistlewood Farms as one of my contributors over at one of my other sites.  Check out this amazing desk she built from a pallet and shared over at Infarrantly Creative.

Infarrantly Creative pallet wood desk

This is a cinch as far as pallet repurosing projects go, because–as Karianne points out–you don’t even have to remove any boards from the pallet.  She simply attached a piece of plywood with piano hinges to part of the pallet, and used some other easy-to-find materials to make it foldable.  Then, Karianne sanded and stained the pallet.  Once it had dried, she attached it to the wall.  Don’t you love the way she decorated the desk?  It looks amazing!

Infarrantly Creative pallet wood desk after

You can view a full tutorial for this project at Infarrantly Creative, and check out more of Karianne’s amazing work at her blog, Thistlewood Farms.


DIY Pallet Veggie Garden

Tracie blogs over at The Bunch.  She’s been trying various ways to get a garden started in a challenging backyard environment for the past few years.  This season, she hit upon a great way to make inexpensive garden boxes using salvaged pallets.

The Bunch pallet garden before

The concept is simple but oh, so smart.  Tracie and her husband added some scrap wood to the sides of their pallets to create boxes.  They stapled week barrier on the bottom of the boxes.  Once the boxes were built, they moved them to a sunny spot in the yard and filled them with a vegetable-friendly mixture of topsoil and manure.  The seeds have been planted in these nifty beds, and now all Tracie has to do is wait for summer’s bounty!  These garden beds look fantastic.

The Bunch pallet garden after

You can get more information about these pallet garden boxes at The Bunch.

Pallet Patio Table

Alex blogs at Happy, Healthy & Domestic.  She explains how this project started:  “My dad was in town visiting and he needed to pick up some flooring from Lumber Liquidators. While we were out back pick it up, we noticed a pallet in the trash and a bunch of wood to the side. We asked if we could have the pallet and 4 of the wood pieces and they said no problem.”

Happy, Healthly & Domestic pallet before

Back at home, Alex took wood from one side of the pallet to fill in the gaps on the other side.  She cut down the wood pieces so that they would be the appropriate size for table legs, and attached them to each corner of the pallet.  After the table was built, Alex did a lot of sanding before she called it finished.    The end result?  A rustic outdoor table that was completely free!  Impressive.

Happy, Healthly & Domestic pallet after

You can find out more about this project at Happy, Healthy, & Domestic.

Pallet Bath Shelf

“There is an alley right behind our apartment building that always has the BEST stuff!” explains Jessi from Practically Functional. “I found this pallet out there one day and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.”

Practically Functional pallet before

Jessi turned the pallet she found into a bath shelf.  After getting the boards put together, she stained it with a polyurethane based stain, so that it would hold up in humid conditions.  It’s just the right size to fit across the bathtub–the perfect spot for setting books, candles, and anything else Jessi needs to enjoy a long, hot soak.  Best pallet upcycle, ever!

Practically Functional pallet after

You can check out the detailed tutorial Jessi shares for making a bath shelf at Practically Functional.