Planted in an Eggshell

Just in case this weekend’s festivities leave you with any empty eggshells, Melissa from The Happier Homemaker has a way you can reuse them.  A way that doesn’t involve compost….in case you are picky.


Seriously, folks, this is cute.  Melissa turned her empty eggshells into these sweet little planters.  She put a little soil inside the eggshells and planted them with succulents.  (Fittingly, the type of succulent she used is called “Hens & Chicks”.)  For an added dose of adorable, she displays the eggshell planters in an Easter basket.  These would make a perfect Spring centerpiece, or they could be used as favors or place cards for an Easter dinner!


Hop over to The Happier Homemaker for more details.

Tin Can Succulent Garden

Here’s a quick and easy upcycling project from Eliza of Eliza K.  You should have most of the materials you need for this right on hand–especially if you’ve warmed up any canned soup, lately.

Eliza used her clean tin cans to make this pretty little succulent garden.  Succulents are just as cute as they can be, anyway.  Sticking them in some decorated cans just doubles the fun!  Eliza offers some great information about upcycling vs. recycling in this post, too.

You can see the full tutorial at Eliza K.