Shutter Organizer with Knobs

Chas from A Woman’s Haven had an assortment of knobs left in her craft stash after hosting a crafting event.  She also had some old shutters.


Combining the two very different things produced something beautiful–and helpful–for Chas’s home.  She painted the shutter a pretty shade of duck egg blue.  Once the paint had dried, she attached all of the knobs in a row along one edge of the shutter.  Hung vertically on her wall, the shutter now provides plenty of “hooks” for hanging and organizing items by the door.  Great idea!


Visit A Woman’s Haven to find out more about this repurposing project.

Headboard to Coat Rack with Bonus Storage

A friend passed this old headboard along to Sara at Thrifty Treasures.  Since the captain-style shelved headboard isn’t exactly cohesive with current decorating trends, she decided to repurpose it.


Sara reimagined this headboard as a coat rack with shelving.  First, she cut the side on an angled curve so that they  would not be so long, removing about half of the bottom portion of the former headboard.  Sara painted what was left and wallpapered the back of the shelves.  She added hooks to the lower front.  Now it’s ready to hang on the wall as a coat rack with storage cubbies!

cubby coat rack

Find out more about this project over at Thrifty Treasures.

Old Wood Reclaimed as Poolside Whale Towel Rack

Over at My Sweet Savannah, Melaine has been looking for a cute way to hang her family’s towels by their hot tub.  When her parents removed their hot tub, Melaine salvaged a piece of wood once used to hide the electrical panel before it went to the dump.


Melaine found a cute whale silhouette, printed it out, and traced it onto the piece of wood. After cutting out the whale image with a jigsaw, she freshened up the wood with a bit of whitewash. When she rummaged through her stash, Melaine found hooks that worked perfectly to turn the piece of wood into a towel rack. What an adorable way to keep poolside towels organized!


Read more at My Sweet Savannah to learn how Melaine cut the whale silhouette in the center of the piece of wood.

Reclaimed Wood and Faucet Coat Rack

I have such an adorable project to show you, today!  Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow saw a faucet coat rack being sold online, but when she tried to purchase it was no longer available.  Instead, she made her own, using a former piece of fence wood and some old outdoor faucet handles.


Ananda got really creative with this project.  Instead of just tacking the faucets onto the wood, she thought it would be fun to add a plumbing motif design to the rack.  She stenciled some pipes onto her fence boards, which added a fun bit of whimsy to this project.  The faucet handles that Ananda found on Ebay were pretty colorful, but she notes that you could spray paint new ones from the hardware store, too.  She attached them to her board for the hooks on her coat rack.  Awesome!


Visit A Piece of Rainbow for more details on this project.

Trashed Pegboard for the Win!

“I found this little gem in a building that had been donated to my parents’ non-profit, and it was destined for the trash before I brought it home and rescued it,” says Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog.


It was just the material she needed for her new office.  Abby wanted it to fit in between two bookcases, so it needed to be cut down to the right size.  She painted it a fresh new color and trimmed it with pieces of baseboard molding, so it would have a framed look.  Once it was on the wall, Abby used pegboard hooks to hang various baskets and buckets on the pegboard, keeping her craft supplies in sight and in reach.  Awesome!


Visit Just a Girl and Her Blog to view a tutorial for this project.

Window Hat Rack

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue loves to incorporate old windows into her home décor. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on an old window of your own, Shari suggests checking out “vintage stores, Habitat ReStores, Craigslist  and your local recycling center.”


Shari turned this particular window into a unique greeting for her guests. She added some cast iron hooks and then painted on a “simple and playful” greeting with a paint pen. I love working with vintage items like this window because you don’t have to work to add character. It’s already there!


Check out Shari’s new hat rack at Turnstyle Vogue.

Wooden Hanger Jewelry Holder

Sheri from Awesome Sauce & Asshattery needed to place to store her bijou bangles where they would be visible and easily accessible but also out of the reach of her toddler daughter’s eager fingers. A vintage wooden hanger inherited from Sheri’s great aunt was just the starting point she need to create a wall holder for the baubles.

wood hanger jewelry holder materials

Sheri added in a couple of old wooden knobs and a bead for the metal tip to complete the transformation. As Sheri points out, the design is not limited to jewelry alone. It would also make for a unique coat rack or towel holder.

wood hanger jewelry holder

Check it out at Awesome Sauce & Asshattery.