Repurposed Blocks Decorate for Two Holidays!

Over at Organized 31, Susan collects wooden game blocks.  (Think Jenga.)  She had plenty of her own, but she also accepts donations of more and hunts them down in thrift stores.  she’s found that they can be repurposed in many ways to create fun decor projects.


This particular project may be a little early…or late, depending on how you look at things….so just make sure you pin it for future use!  Susan simply glues two of the blocks together to form a larger rectangle.  Then, she decorates the front of each block with pretty paper, raffia,  and chipboard letters.  After making blocks that spelled “believe” for Christmas, Susan realized she was only one letter away from being able to spell “love”, as well, so she added that to the back of one of the blocks.  Now she has blocks for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day!


Find out more about this project at Organized 31.

On the Menu Today: Chalkboard Chargers

Over at Mendez Manor, Nicole has been thinking about the upcoming holidays.  She wanted to have something both festive and fun to help create unique tablescapes this holiday season.  The solution?  These chalkboard painted chargers.

Mendez Manor chargers before

This project began with these plain gold charger plates that Nicole had.  (She points out that you can find similar ones at Michael’s for $1 each.)  She painted in the center of the chargers with Martha Stewart Crafts black chalkboard paint.  “We’re not super fancy here, so I like the casual look that the chalkboard paint brings to my gold charges,” Nicole notes.   “They look really good underneath my collection of clear glass plates!”  These definitely look like they will  be a lot of fun to use when setting a festive table!

Mendez Manor chargers after

Nicole’s tutorial for these plates at Mendez Manor includes lots of helpful information, including how long you can expect the chalkboard surface of these plates to last.

Thrifted Objects Become Holiday Collectibles

Kerryanne–who blogs at Shabby Art Boutique–points out, “Christmas decorating doesn’t have to be expensive!  Sometimes you just have to look outside the box and repurpose thrifted objects.”  She demonstrates just how she does that with her own thrift finds, starting with this wooden plate that rang in at a whopping 88 cents.

Putting her artistic talents to work, Kerryanne painted a completely adorable snowman onto the plate.  Paired with another thrifted item, the two wooden objects together make a perfect plate stand!  Kerryanne obviously has some serious talent, but even those who aren’t blessed with that kind of artistic ability could take a cue from her to look at thrifted items a little more creatively.


Check out Kerryanne’s tips for prepping painted objects for a long, useful life ahead at Shabby Art Boutique.

Paper Bag Becomes Elegant Christmas Decor

You are going to have a hard time believing that a humble paper bag was the beginning of these pretty Christmas decorations from Aimee at It’s Overflowing.  But it really is a simple shopping bag from the local grocery store that Aimee recycled to become the cone base to form decorative pine trees.

I’ve seen lots of different ways online to decorate these simple cone shapes as Christmas trees, but I think Aimee’s twist with white feathers has to be one of my favorites.  Those feathers really make it look like a snow-covered tree.  They are so soft and pretty, perfect for winter decor!

Aimee provides a detailed tutorial at It’s Overflowing so that you can recycle your own shopping bags into gorgeous holiday decor.