Headboard Bench

Fool4Peppers twin headboards before

Brian of Fool4Peppers was with his wife at the Salvation Army store when they came across these twin headboards.  They took the headboards home, and within a few hours had completely repurposed them.

Fool4Peppers twin headboards before

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Platform Dog Bed

Inspired by other fantastic repurpose projects, Tammy from Southern Flair Crafts had been waiting to find the perfect curbed items for her own creation. Her first find included a twin headboard and footboard that were free for the taking. Tammy had been wanting to build a special bed for her rescued pooch Tucker, so this {…Read More…}

Picket Fence Headboard

Karen from The Cottage Farmhouse was stalking strolling the neighborhood the night before trash pickup with her daughter in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. Karen’s diamond came in the form of this large picket fence which she happily hauled home. Karen’s first instinct was to turn the fence into a headboard, and {…Read More…}

Headboard and Footboard Bench

Jessica from Running With Scissors shares how she “Frankensteined” together the headboard and footboard from a dated daybed to become an outdoor corner bench. She snagged these pieces from the thrift store for only $10 to form the basis for her bench. Jessica pieced together odd and end wood scraps for the rest of the {…Read More…}

Distressed Aqua Wicker Headboard

Heidi from Honeybear Lane had rescued this wicker headboard from her brother’s neighbor’s dumpster about five years ago when she was newly married and broke. She had simply spray painted it black and called it a day. When Heidi woke up one morning with “the hankering to paint,” the headboard was the most obvious candidate. {…Read More…}

White Headboard Foyer Bench

Jen from Scissors and Spatulas scavenged salvaged her husband’s old, broken, decrepit (You get the idea!) bed as a young boy from her in-laws with visions of turning it into something truly fabulous. After a few weeks of collecting dust and cobwebs in her garage, Jen realized it was just what she needed for a {…Read More…}