Brand Name Headboard Rescue

This Sarah Loves west elm headboard before

“Our complex has a big trash enclosure where people tend to leave furniture they no longer want,” explains Sarah at This Sarah Loves.  ”My husband calls this ‘donating to the universe’. Last week I found a West Elm headboard that had been donated to the universe!”

This Sarah Loves west elm headboard before

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All the Stockings Were Hung…

Fresh Cut Flowers headboard before

Terri, who blogs at Fresh Cut Flowers, found this antique headboard at an estate sale and snatched it up for just $10.  As she considered what to do with it, Terri remembered that her daughter’s family didn’t have a fireplace to hang their stockings.

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Tabletop Headboard

Jessika from Lookie What Jeff Did had an old worn out table that looks similar to one you have seen in many homes.  Removing the legs, for what I hope will be a future project, they took the table top and made it into a headboard. I never would have thought of that.  Obviously they {…Read More…}

Armoire Door Headboard

Awhile ago Gail from My Repurposed Life got two armoire doors for only five bucks a pop. Although she didn’t have immediate plans for them, she loved their detail. They sat in Gail’s garage for 18 months until she decided what to do with them. After adding her mother’s refinished dresser to her guest room, {…Read More…}

Rustic Farm Headboard

Dana from House Tweaking and her “Handy Hubby” were grateful to receive a meaningful reminder of her husband’s childhood after his grandmother passed away. After being asked several times what they would like to have, Dana and her hubs loaded up some salvaged fence boards that had once been used to corral cattle on the {…Read More…}

White Headboard Foyer Bench

Jen from Scissors and Spatulas scavenged salvaged her husband’s old, broken, decrepit (You get the idea!) bed as a young boy from her in-laws with visions of turning it into something truly fabulous. After a few weeks of collecting dust and cobwebs in her garage, Jen realized it was just what she needed for a {…Read More…}

Headboard to Memo Chalkboard

Gail from My Repurposed Life is one of my favorite Roadkill Rescue Heroes.  She is awesome at thinking outside the box.  In her words, she “curbed” this headboard. Using random wood objects she had lying around and working her awesome woodworking skills she turned it into a memo chalkboard. You have got to check out {…Read More…}