Family Purpose Sign from a Headboard

Heidi blogs at My Beautiful Mess.  She tells us that this old headboard was one she found for just a few dollars at a local thrift shop.  Despite it’s condition, Heidi knew immediately how she could use it in her home.

My Beautiful Mess headboard before

Heidi gave the headboard a unique painting treatment that made it look like a vintage sign.  Then she used vinyl to add something important and meaningful to her and her family:  their family purpose statement.  Now Heidi’s family has a beautiful reminder of their purpose that they can display with pride.  This is a terrific idea for all of us as we head into a New Year with new goals.

My Beautiful Mess headboard after

You can learn more about this project at My Beautiful Mess.

Platform Dog Bed

Inspired by other fantastic repurpose projects, Tammy from Southern Flair Crafts had been waiting to find the perfect curbed items for her own creation. Her first find included a twin headboard and footboard that were free for the taking.

footboard to dog bed

Tammy had been wanting to build a special bed for her rescued pooch Tucker, so this was just the jumpstart she needed to get the project rolling. Tammy pieced together the bottom halves of the headboard and footboard with some other wood to create this cozy, raised bed. It looks like a little doggie throne!

headboard and footboard to dog bed

Check it out at Southern Flair Crafts.

Headboard to Upholstered Bench

Catherine from Freddy & Petunia has been at the business of refabbing castoff pieces for a long time. This project dates back a bit, but the results are just as awesome today as they were thirteen years ago! It all started with a vintage king-sized headboard that Catherine fell in love with and purchased secondhand.

headboard to bench before

The headboard was the perfect starting point for a bench for Catherine’s mom. The dream became a reality when Catherine got three chairs from a friend and reworked them to create an upholstered seat. It’s amazing what a perfect match the shape and style of the chairs were for the headboard. Like a match made in heaven!

headboard to bench after

Check it out at Freddy & Petunia.

Family Message Board

Last fall Gail from My Repurposed Life received a wood headboard and footboard from her nephew. It was just recently that one of the pieces made it into Gail’s basement workshop for its revamping. I am so excited to show you what Gail did with it because it is just that awesome.

repurposed headboard

This was really a pretty simple project that required a little painting and then attaching clipboard clips and hooks. Gail added some cute wording that really was the perfect finishing touch. What totally got me though was Gail’s suggestion to use it as a school command center for backpacks and paperwork. Talk about a genius way to manage all those papers that go in and out of the house each week!


Head on over to My Repurposed Life for Gail’s tutorial.