Boxwood Green Vintage Cabinet Makeover

Gilly found this vintage cabinet in the back of a shed.  She says of it’s sadly neglected condition, ” Someone at one point in time had used it as target practice….its had patches of dried mud all over it like someone had thrown mud balls at it!”  Gilly shares the makeover she gave this diminutive piece at Colour Saturated Life.


The first step in this makeover was a much needed bath!  A little hemp oil restored the wood, which was in miraculously good condition.  Since she wanted the maximize the primitive style of this cabinet, Gilly gave the outside a coat of milk paint, in a lovely shade of green, and was very pleased with the results.  “It chipped and cracked in all the right places and the milk paint did the magical colour variation thing it does and my heart just soared,” she enthuses.


Make sure to visit Colour Saturated Life for more details on this rescued cabinet.

From Curbside to Patio

Virginia of Fynes Designs had been striking out when it came to patio furniture.  She’d waited until she could find one that she could afford, but to her disappointment the one she bought turned out to be a lemon and had to be returned.  Bummer.  “One day, just after garbage clean up, one of my cousins landed on my door-step with a gem,” Virginia tells us.


At first glance, not many people would consider the old dining set from the curbside what Virginia terms “a gem”.  But her imagination went into hyper drive, and Virginia got to work.  She pulled off the old upholstery and painted table and chairs in summery shades of blue and green.  The chairs were reupholstered with beach-worthy fabric.  Virginia even had enough fabric left over to make place mats.  What a transformation!


Visit Fynes Designs to learn more about this table makeover.

Wreath Week: from TP tubes to Flowers and Berries

From her crafty corner of Hungary, Lavender Girl is showing us how to make a beautiful Christmas wreath out of toilet paper rolls. Believe me, it’s worth using Google Translate to see what’s been coming together at Croissant and Lavender.


Lavender Girl painted her collected tubes in two different shades of green paint, then flattened the tubes and cut them into strips. Armed with a hot glue gun for speed, she glued the strips together to form five-petal flowers, then glued the flowers together to make two wreaths, then glued the two wreaths together. She used thermoset plastic to create the red berries for the final accent. I’m pretty much in love with this!

cardboard-toilet-paper-tubes-rolls-into-green-red-berries-christmas-wreathGo check out Croissant and Lavender for the complete tutorial.

Bright Dresser Makeover

At The New Vintage, Mei used a mistinted can of paint to give this mid century modern dresser a snazzy new look.  “I must confess that I am addicted to using mistint paints for two great reasons:  1) Environmentally friendlier.  I am recycling paints that for some reason other people don’t want;  2) Economical – you get the paints for a bargain,” Mei explains.


The bright green mistint paint inspired Mei to do something fun and unexpected with this makeover.  She made up a batch of chalk paint with it and painted all but one of the drawers with it.  The rest of the dresser she painted white.  The finishing touch was to add a cute laundry saying onto the front of the drawers.  Awesome!


Check out the makeover at The New Vintage.

Hitchhiker Gets a Makeover

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker?  Heather from The Heathered Nest not only picked up a hitchhiker, she took it home and gave it a makeover!  The hitchhiker just happened to be a twin bed frame that she spotted on the side of the road.


Heather saw a lot of hidden potential in the curvy lines and tall posters on this head and foot board set.  After some minor repairs, she set about giving it an updated look.  She painted over the original finish with chalk paint in a fun shade of green.  Some light distressing and clear wax finished off the new look.  Doesn’t it look amazing all put together and styled with colorful pillows?


Find out which brand and shade of chalk paint Heather used to refinish this twin bed at The Heathered Nest.

Vintage Thermos Lights Up Seasonal Decor

A friend and I found a vintage thermos in a neighbor’s dumpster,” confesses Paula at Sweet Pea, “and I was happy to have it for decorating.”  Inspired by another blogger, she decided to turn the thermos into a lamp.


Genius idea!  The thermos really is the perfect size and shape to be a lamp base.  She found a lamp kit and shade at the local hardware store.  Since the thermos itself is fairly lightweight, Paula filled the bottom with sand so that it wouldn’t topple over.  “Wouldn’t this be a great lamp for a porch or a lake cottage?” she asks.  You bet!  Or how much fun would it be for a holiday hot chocolate bar?  


Get all the details on this rescued thermos to lamp conversion at Sweet Pea.

A {Mason Jar} Apple for the Teacher

At The 36th Avenue, Desiree came up with a cute craft using miniature canning jars or any other small, lidded glass jar.  This is perfect for back-to-school teacher gifts or fall parties.

mason jar

For this project, Desiree suggests that you make sure the glass is very clean.  Next, she painted the outside of the jar red and the lid green.  “You are going to need two to three coats of paint,” she notes.  Desiree glue a cute little wooden peg onto the top of the lid to serve as a “stem”, and cut leaves from green cardstock.  Once complete, the jar is ready to be filled with treats.  How adorable is that?


Click over to The 36th Avenue to get more information on this canning jar craft project.

Discontinued Doors to Awesome Art Desks

At iCandy Handmade, Autie shares the backstory on these two cupboard doors.  “My father-in-law owns a restoration company and oftentimes has cupboard door styles or carpet squares that have been discontinued and he no longer uses.”  He gave them to Autie and the doors sat in her garage for a while before she figured out what to do with them.


Since the door part opens to reveal about an inch of space, but the drawer part is fake, Autie decided the cupboard doors would be perfect art desks for her kids.  She spray painted the wood and added some short legs from the hardware store.  After assembling the desks, Autie added some scrapbook paper and vinyl lettering for the finishing touches.  What fun creative areas for her kids!


Learn how Autie attached the legs to the cupboard doors at iCandy Handmade.