DIY Apothecary Cabinet

Not long ago, I featured a china cabinet makeover from High Style Restyle.  Well, that was only one of several projects that Amy and her dad have been making from pieces of the china cabinet he found on the roadside.  Today, I’m sharing another one: their new apothecary-style cabinet.


To transform this dated cabinet base into an uber-stylish apothecary cart, they started by removing the original doors and drawer fronts, setting them aside to use for a future project.  To achieve the look of multiple small drawers, they made new cabinet doors from solid pieces of wood, then routed a grid pattern on the face of each one.  The cabinet got a new top and was painted a subtle gray with milk paint, giving it a vintage feel.  The finishing touches were labeled pulls on the “drawer” fronts, and a set of caster wheels.  Gorgeous!


There’s lots more to learn about the transformation of this cabinet at High Style Restyle.

French Farmhouse Fresh Table Restyle

When she was putting the finishing touches on her dining room makeover, Jen had to admit it–her dining table just didn’t go with the rest of the room.  But who has money for new furniture when you’ve just finished a home improvement project?  Like most of us, Jen did not, so she had to get creative with what she had, and she blogged about the process over at Noting Grace.


The table Jen had was sturdy and met the needs of her family really well–there was no structural reason to get rid of it.  The dark stain and yellowed paint just didn’t work anymore with the lighter tones in Jen’s home.  Getting inspiration from her favorite catalogs, Jen decided to go with a more weathered french provincial look.  She sanded away the old finish and lightly distressed the tabletop.  The table legs and chairs were painted a soft gray, and everything got a coat of wax to give it an aged appearance.  Jen is really happy with the “new” table.


Click over to Noting Grace to get all the details on the products and techniques Jen used for this table makeover.

Roadside Dresser Gets a New Purpose

“My Step-Dad found this dresser at the side of the road on garbage day,” confesses Shelly at 100 Things 2 Do.  She was in desperate need of a place to corral miscellaneous winter gear, like hats and gloves, and decided that the old dresser could serve a new purpose.


After removing damaged drawers and braces, Shelly sanded away the old finish.  She painted the dresser a darker gray outside and lighter gray inside.  Shelly found baskets that would fit onto the shelves, and enjoys having a taller shelf for bags and other miscellaneous items.  What a great idea!


Get more information on this repurposed dresser at 100 Things 2 Do.

Pretty Settee from a Crib

I’ve featured quite a few projects here at Roadkill Rescue that involve cribs being turned into benches.  This one by Sara of Thrifty Treasures, however, takes this concept to a whole new level.  She transformed crib parts into a settee with some serious style credentials.


Inspired by the curved edges of a spare footboard that she had on hand, Sara decided that instead of building a traditional bench from her stranded crib and bed pieces, she would make an upholstered settee.  Paint, some pretty wood embellishments, and upholstery went into the makeover.  The results are lovely, don’t you think?


Head over to Thrifty Treasures to view the full tutorial for this project.

Rescued Table Gets an Update Look

This old table was rescued by Sarah when she found it sitting on the roadside in front of her apartment complex.  It didn’t look too promising, but she took it home anyway.  Check out the makeover she gave it at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.


This was a really inexpensive transformation, since Sarah had most of the supplies already.  After sanding down the table, Sarah’s husband happened to find some strips of molding they hadn’t used, and experimented with adding them to the table.  Loving the look, they went for it, and then primed and painted the table white.  The finishing touch is a subtle, soft, gray pattern stenciled on the tabletop.  Gorgeous!

stenciled round table white

Make your way over to Sarah M. Dorsey Designs to get a better look at this beautifully rescued table.

Milk Painted Midcentury Mod Side Tables

After receiving these retro side tables as a gift from her mom, Bonnie at Revolutionaries got to work! She used some elbow grease and milk paint to transform the tables into a drool-worthy duo.


Bonnie says, “They were in good condition, but they had a badddd gold paint job with lots of drips and inconsistencies. It also looked like they were once covered in paper (there were bits of paper still stuck to some areas).” First she sanded them down, then added two coats of milk paint and a top coat. She loves the results, and so do we!


Learn more about this project at Revolutionaries.


A Dresser Gets Feathers and Fun Again

“I found this dresser sitting on the curb on garbage day when I was out walking, my dog, Buddy,” Erin explains at DIY Passion.  “Hilarity ensued and it did eventually end up in my car and in our sunroom, where it sat, musty and yucky for months until I started to come up with a whole space vision.”


Well, good things do come to those who wait, because Erin’s vision for this mid-century modern dresser really became something extraordinary.  Going for a beachy vibe, she painted the exterior of the dresser with soft, gray chalk paint.  Next, Erin sanded down the drawer fronts all the way to bare wood, and coated them with a pickling stain.  New hardware adds interesting contrast to the outside of the dresser, while inside, colorful feathers on decorative paper dress up the drawers.  Beautifully done!


Get all the details on materials and painting techniques used for this makeover at DIY Passion.

Baby Swing Restyled

While Jenny from Paint & Pillows was grateful for all of the baby gear friends and family passed along to her when she announced her pregnancy, she does have one question for the world at large:  “Why can’t baby stuff actually go with the decor of the home?”  She decided that there was no reason she couldn’t restyle some of the larger pieces of equipment–like this baby swing–so they would coordinate with the spaces where they’d be sitting out, ready to use.


Jenny went to work, switching out the bright, rain forest themed fabrics with neutral gray polka dots that matched her living room decor.  She spray painted the frame of the swing, toning down the colors there, too.  She switched out the mobile toys for some darling hot air balloons.  Even the control dials got a makeover!  Great job turning this hand-me-down into something you’ll use and love, Jenny!


Get more details on this baby swing redo by visiting Paint & Pillows.  And I just have to add this darling photo to show you that it looks like Jenny’s adorable baby appreciates the new look, too.