Girl in the Garage dresser before

New Life for a Carved Dresser

It was a wrong turn that brought this dresser into Jen's (aka Girl In the Garage) life.  "On the side of the curb I saw this huge, sad, ugly dresser.  I cannot even imagine what kind of hideously 80′s bedroom decor this was once a part of," she laughs. Girl in the Garage dresser before
Fab Rehab Creations dresser before

Dresser with a Rustic Makeover

Over at Fab Rehab Creations, Allison had been on the lookout for a good dresser she could put in her son's new bedroom.  "Now, am I the only one who feels like thrift shops and Craigslist have become overrun with people who want to paint furniture? I mean, I love that people want to do this, but it is making it difficult to find decent pieces for cheap," Allison laughs. Fab Rehab Creations dresser before
Redoux Interiors dresser before

Complete Dresser Overhaul

Karen of Redoux Interiors got a phone call from a friend letting her know there was an old dresser sitting in the middle of said friend's road.  Karen ran off to pick it up, and discovered a dresser that was in pretty sad shape--just the way she likes to find them, since Karen loves dramatic makeovers! Redoux Interiors dresser before