New Life for a Carved Dresser

It was a wrong turn that brought this dresser into Jen’s (aka Girl In the Garage) life.  “On the side of the curb I saw this huge, sad, ugly dresser.  I cannot even imagine what kind of hideously 80′s bedroom decor this was once a part of,” she laughs.

Girl in the Garage dresser before

As badly damaged as it was, Jen still managed to fall in love with the carved cupboard doors.  She admits, though, that those carved doors were a bear to paint!  “The dresser was disgustingly filthy, there were a million little grooves on the doors, and I got discouraged,” she says.  Not all makeovers are smooth sailing!  After what seemed like a billion coats of paint, the dresser was a soft gray.  Jen renewed the existing hardware with glossy black paint.  The finished dresser is astonishingly beautiful–especially when you compare it to the before pictures!

Girl  in the Garage dresser after

Find out more about this makeover at Girl in the Garage.

Marigold and Pewter Dresser Makeover

Martha of Martha Leone Designs says, “This dresser is a keeper. It’s a bit too fancy for my taste but sturdy and has lots of storage potential. Would you believe me if I told you I got this piece FREE off Craigslist?”

Martha Leone Design dresser before

I love it when I can score free stuff!  And I love what Martha did with her free dresser.  She repainted the exterior with a moody, pewter gray.  Inside the dresser, though, there’s a surprise.  When the carved doors are open, the drawers inside are painted a bright, beautiful shade of yellow.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

Martha Leone Design dresser after

You can get all the details on what Martha did to transform this dresser at Martha Leone Designs.

Dresser with a Rustic Makeover

Over at Fab Rehab Creations, Allison had been on the lookout for a good dresser she could put in her son’s new bedroom.  “Now, am I the only one who feels like thrift shops and Craigslist have become overrun with people who want to paint furniture? I mean, I love that people want to do this, but it is making it difficult to find decent pieces for cheap,” Allison laughs.

Fab Rehab Creations dresser before

Luckily, a friend had this old but sturdy dresser in her garage.  Even though one drawer was in pieces, it was the perfect size.  Allison decided to use baskets in place of the broken drawer, and went ahead with refinishing the dresser.  She gave it a rustic, two-tone effect, painting the body of the dresser gray and letting the natural wood shine on the dresser top and remaining drawers.  The wire baskets that Allison used in place of a drawer are perfect for this piece.  It’s a beautiful makeover.

Fab Rehab Creations dresser after

You can find out more about this dresser at Fab Rehab Creations.

Complete Dresser Overhaul

Karen of Redoux Interiors got a phone call from a friend letting her know there was an old dresser sitting in the middle of said friend’s road.  Karen ran off to pick it up, and discovered a dresser that was in pretty sad shape–just the way she likes to find them, since Karen loves dramatic makeovers!

Redoux Interiors dresser before

This dresser needed much more than a makeover, though, it needed a complete overhaul.  Since it was mostly held together with staples, Karen had to remove all of those and put the dresser back together with sturdier materials before she could give it a unique, new painted finish.  She replaced the missing drawers with a dumpster find, these wood boxes.  Caster wheels add to the overall effect, taking the new piece of furniture a looooong way from it’s curbside past!

Redoux Interiors dresser after

You can get more info on this dresser overhaul at Redoux Interiors.

Dressed Up Dresser

Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie, literally rescued this dresser from the jaws of the NYC sanitation truck that was getting a dumpster of trash.  Can you imagine that scene?

At home, they lovingly refreshed it with paint and new knobs.  It fits just perfectly next to the {pink!} front door of their apartment.   The gray color lets it be a neutral canvas for the delightful accessories it’s been topped with, but the pretty glass knobs keep it from being too dull.  I love the addition of a pretty tassel to the drawers, too.

Vist Meredith & Gwyneth, the New Yorkie to read more about the makeover.

Dresser Media Console

Sarah from Renewed Upon a Dream got an old dresser that had been in her parent’s basement for as long as she can remember. Her dad actually says he remembers it being used by her grandparents in their bedroom when he was a kid if that hints at its age. Sarah had the perfect job for it!


She had actually been on the lookout for a long dresser that wasn’t too tall to convert to a media console. She did a little repair work to the dresser and then painted it a soft gray. The dresser hides all the ugly cords beautifully and provides plenty of extra storage space.


Go to Renewed Upon a Dream to read more.

Dresser with Numbered Drawers

Leslie from Sweet Sweet Simplicity had been eyeballing the Anthropologie Ordinal Dresser and knew she could make a very similar one. When she found a dresser for thirty dollars at Goodwill, she snatched it up and got right to work!

goodwill dresser before

Leslie sanded down the whole shebang and then used a template to cut the drawers like those of her inspiration. After painting, she stenciled on the numbers and distressed the piece with sanding and stain. I just love this dresser and am so glad Leslie took the jigsaw to the drawers. The cuts totally make the style of the dresser!

ordinal dresser

Go to Sweet Sweet Simplicity for the tutorial.

Two-Tone Dresser

Jennifer from Monkey See, Monkey Do scored a new dresser when her parent’s upgraded their bedroom furniture. It was very 1970s, and Jennifer had always disliked it. This was her chance to give it a much-needed makeover.

old dresser before

Jennifer and her husband worked together on this project, building new legs, refinishing the drawers, and painting the frame. With the simple lines, two-tone finish, and new hardware, the dresser has a much more modern look to it, and, most importantly, Jennifer loves it!

Refabbed dresser

See the transformation at Monkey See, Monkey Do.