Gray and White Desk

Faye from MacGIRLver got this desk several years ago from her husband’s cousin. It had been acting as a TV stand in her rec room until Faye decided it couldn’t hide from her paint brush any longer and pulled the desk out for a makeover.

youth sized desk before

She was inspired to give the desk a “tuxedo” look with a contrast of dark gray and white paint. I love how she even blinged out the knobs a little by embellishing them with jewelry pieces. What a fabulous upcycle!

grey and white painted desk

See more of Faye’s desk at MacGIRLver.

Houndstooth Table Makeover with Homemade Stencil

Okay, I have to admit that I really, really {heart} this makeover by Jeanie of Create & Babble.  She says, “I’ve had this awful table sitting in my basement for years. It came from an auction long ago….no one wanted it so I took it home thinking I’d do something with it someday. Well, someday finally came.”

Create and Babble table before

Jeanie truly is a die hard DIYer, because not only did she mix the chalkpaint to coat this little table in gray, she made the houndstooth stencil for it herself, too!  I love the patterend top, and the combination of gray and white.  If I knew where Jeanie lived, I think I’d have to go steal this rescue for myself!

Create and Babble table after

You can find out how Jeanie made her own stencil at Create & Babble.