Loaf Pan Planter

When Katie’s mom gave her some nice, new loaf pans, it was time to retire her battered old metal pans.  Instead of throwing them out, Katie (who blogs at View From The Fridge) came up with a cute new use for them and shared it at My Crafty Spot.


For this project, Katie spray painted the inside of the loaf pans gold.  She painted the outside of the pans with white chalk paint.  Adding small wooden balls painted gold to the bottoms of the pans lifted the pans up a bit.  Katie used stick on letters to give the pans even more personality.  After making some drainage holes in the bottoms, she filled the pans with wheat grass, turning them into planters!


Find out how to make your own loaf pan planters at My Crafty Spot.

Pretty Jewelry Organizer from a Salvaged Door

“I did not have a vision when I rescued this cabinet door from ending up in a garbage pile,” admits Kathy at The Salvaged Boutique.  It was only when she noticed the slight lip inside the edge of the frame that she knew what to do with it.


The slight lip made Kathy decide that she could turn the old door into a wall organizer for her jewelry.  She layered several shades of paint onto the wooden frame.  Next, Kathy attached decorative sheet metal and plywood to the inside of the frame.  She painted the plywood with chalkboard paint to create a sweet message board on one side of the organizer.  The decorative metal is perfect for hanging her earrings.  Along the bottom of the frame, hooks hold her necklaces.  Sweet!


Find out more about how this former cabinet door became a whimsical jewelry organizer at The Salvaged Boutique.

DIY Gold Wire Side Table

Over at Domestic Imperfection, Ashley has been admiring gold side tables for some time now.  Wanting a pair for her guest room, she started to shop around, but was discouraged to find that most of them were either well out of her budget range…..or out of stock!  Instead, Ashley decided to experiment with things she had around the house to see if she could DIY something similar.  “And what I had was tomato cages, wire, spray paint, and lots of scrap wood,” she notes.


Ashley started by clipping the long wire prongs off of her tomato cages.  Then, using the cages as a starting point, she strung wire vertically and horizontally around them.  After spraying the wire bases with gold paint, Ashley had her husband cut circular tabletops from some scrap pecan wood.  Now residing in the guest bedroom, you’d never guess that these pretty tables started out as old tomato cages!


Stop by Domestic Imperfection to find out more about these upcycled knock-off tables.


“Love”ly Wall Decor

“As I was digging through some of our home decor boxes in the basement I found this frame and started brainstorming what I could do with it,” says Jessie at Imperfectly Polished.  She decided to turn it into art for her master bedroom gallery wall.


First, Jessie removed the pictures that were in the frame, keeping just the frame and the glass.  She used her craft cutting machine to cut out the words, “I Do Still” from gold vinyl, then applied the vinyl to the front of the framed glass.  It’s a gentle reminder that Jessie and her husband would choose each other all over again.  “On days I don’t always remember to tell or show him, now he can see that everyday and know,” Jessie says.  Sweet!


Visit Imperfectly Polished to find out more about this project.

God and White Herringbone Flowerpots

Over at The Happy Housie, Krista has been decorating in soft neutrals this winter.  One of her recent projects was to transform several clay flowerpots.  Do you have any of these lying around?


Flowerpots–especially clay ones–should be clean and dry before you try to work with them.  Krista started by painting hers white.  Next, she used a gold Sharpie marker to draw the herringbone pattern onto the sides of the pots.  After that, she painted the rims of each pot with gold craft paint.  Easy as that, and look at the gorgeous results!


For more information, click over to The Happy Housie to read about this project.

Storage Trunk Makeover

“My brother found this old trunk in his attic and wanted me to work my magic on it,” Bre begins her story.  “I wanted to keep most of the original character but it needed some updates as well.”  She shares the process at Brepurposed.


Bre took the project in hand and really accomplished her goal to maintain the trunk’s vintage loveliness while refreshing its look.  “Some fresh stain on the wood panels, mismatched leather belts and gold metal accents brought this guy back to life,” she explains.  “A fresh coat of paint and some fun wallpaper made the inside usable again. It was the perfect Christmas present for him!”


Check out the full makeover at Brepurposed.

Animal Topped Glass Canisters

Planning some organizing projects for the new year?  Well, here’s a decidedly glamorous way to store smaller items…..made from upcycling a few decidedly unglamorous items:  pickle jars!  Luzia Pimpinella came up with this creative and inexpensive storage option.


Luzia spent a few weeks collecting pickle jars.  (Not hard if your family likes to put pickles on their sandwiches!)  She also found some small plastic animal figures.  Once the glass jars were clean and empty, Luzia glued an animal to the top of each of the lids.  Once the glue had dried, she spray painted the animal-topped lids gold.  Now she has some whimsical and pretty containers for sorting and storing her button collection!


Learn more about this project by visiting  Luzia Pimpinella.

Mid Century Mod Dress Update in Gold and White

“This dresser was part of my bedroom set growing up,” Abby explains at Just a Girl and Her Blog, “and I took it with me when I left my parents’ house and never gave it
back.”  She’s used the dresser in different ways around her house, even painting it black several years ago, as you see in the picture below.



“I was in the mood for a change recently,” Abby admits, which inspired this makeover.  Since the black paint was showing every nick and finger print, and hiding some of the fun mid-century-mod details, she decided to go with a lighter look.  Abby painted the dresser glossy white, then accented the drawer pulls and legs with gold paint.  It looks fantastic!


Get the details on this dresser transformation at Just a Girl and Her Blog.