Basic Fan Goes Retro Glam

Jessa from Sparkle is grateful for any extra air she can get on hot summer days, so this portable fan is a permanent part of her decor during the summer months.  She thought the basic black design was just something she had to live with until she spotted a picture of the Vornado Vintage Collection VFAN, one day, and was inspired by the two-tone, retro color scheme.


Deciding that there wasn’t any reason she couldn’t make the fan she had look just as good, Jessa got to work with a couple cans of spray paint.  After thoroughly cleaning the fan (a big job, she admits), Jessa primed the whole fan, then sprayed it white.  She brushed liquid gold leaf onto the front of the fan to give it a two-tone look with some additional sparkle.  One more detail?  Instead of leaving the power cord black, Jessa wrapped it with leather craft lace.  What an amazing new look!


Visit Sparkle to view the full tutorial for this house fan makeover.

Simple Pots with a Touch of Gold

Sometimes, the simplest things can be given a new life with just a few minutes of effort.  Take these classic terracotta flower pots, for instance.  Linda of Burlap and Blue came up with a way to take them from humble to downright stunning.


For this project, Linda started by selecting some fun, summery paint colors.  After painting her clay flower pots, she applied a bit of decoupage glue in a random swipe onto each pot.  She pressed gold leafing onto those swipes, and after giving the glue a little time to dry, she pulled away the leafing to reveal a really cool swipe of gold on each pot!  Isn’t that amazing?

mod-podged-planters-gold foil

Get more information on this project by clicking over to Burlap and Blue.

Pot ‘o Gold…at the End of the Succulents

Crystal of A Pumpkin and a Princess is happily enjoying two trends:  succulents and gold leaf.  She came up with a fun way to use these trends to dress up a simple terra cotta pot.


To make this basic garden planter shine, Crystal first painted it with chalk paint.  Next, she applied gold leaf around the bottom of the pot, giving it a pretty, gold dipped effect.  The addition of succulent plants completed the project.  Adorable!


Go to A Pumpkin and a Princess to get more details on this gold leaf planter.

Trash Can Makeover

At Leopard and Plaid, Brittany had lived with this trash can as it was for quite a while.  Eventually, she decided it was time to glam it up a bit and make it more of a reflection of her tastes.

Leopard and Plaid trashcan before

And by glam it up, I mean Brittany turned this trash can into a lovely decor piece.  She painted the exterior white, and touched up the trim with gold leaf.  She also used gold leaf to add a number to the front, instead of a more predictable monogram.  To add a bit of excitement, Brittany decoupaged the inside of the can with swanky snakeskin printed wrapping paper.  It coordinates beautifully with the outside of the can.  I think it might be too pretty to use as a trash can, now!

Leopard and Plaid trashcan after

Read more about this trash can rescue at Leopard and Plaid.

Sometimes All That Glitters Is Gold…But You Still Don’t Want It!

At Homework, Carolyn shares how she rescued a little table that used to belong to her father-in-law.  “Based on the underside of the table and the inside of the little cabinet, I believe it was once plain dark wood,” she says.  “At some point the gold leaf effect was added. We’ve been using the table in our living room and even though gold is making a comeback, it didn’t really match anything in our house.”

Homework gold leaf table before

Since the peeling gold leaf was just a little too much for Carolyn’s taste, she decided to tone it down with a coat of white paint.  Before she covered it in white, Carolyn used Frog Tape’s Shape Tape in chevron to tape off a diamond pattern on the front and sides of the little table.  After painting it white, she peeled away the Shape Tape to reveal the pretty pattern in rustic gold leaf.  Amazing, right?

Homework gold leaf table after

Read more about this beautiful table rescue at Homework.

Golden Elephant

Over at Now At Home Mom, Ingrid shares a project that has special meaning to her family.  “Ever since I can remember, my mother had elephants around the house.  She always used to say; an elephant in the room brings luck when the trunk points up towards the sky,” Ingrid explains.  Ingrid and her mom have passed this leather statue back and forth between their homes for more than 13 years.

Now at Home Mom elephant before

With her mom’s birthday coming up, Ingrid wanted to do something special with this heirloom.  She decided to update it with a revamped look.  But how do you give a leather elephant a makeover?  Well, Ingrid was brave enough to cover the statue with gold leaf.  The remade elephant is now a glamorous, eye-catching statement piece that I’m sure Ingrid’s mom will love!

Now at Home Mom elephant after

You can get Ingrid’s tips for working with gold leaf at Now At Home Mom.

Golden Honey Bears

Elsie and Emma blog together at A Beautiful Mess.  Recently, they purchased a gold leafing kit, and needed something to try it out on that was low risk.  Enter the honey bears!

Beautiful Mess honey bear before

You’ve seen these, right?  Squeezable honey containers in the shape of cute little bears.  Well, I’d say the idea to upcycle these little critters with a coat of gold leaf was genius!  Thanks to Elsie and Emma’s experiment, I’ve got some new ideas for Christmas, teacher appreciation week, and so much more!  It’s amazing how cool a humble honey jar can look with the addition of shiny metallics!

Beautiful Mess honey bear after

You can get all the details on this project at A Beautiful Mess.

Faux Gilded Pinecones

At What’s Ur Home Story, Vidya has a great way to dress up pine cones for Christmas decor.  If you have a yard with pine trees or live near a park or nature preserve that has them, then pine cones will be free and plentiful at this time of year. (They are also pretty easy to come by in the holiday decor section of your local store.)

Vidya loved the look of the gilded pine cone ornaments she’d come across in the pages of a favorite catalog.  With a little spray paint, she’d soon turned her own pine cones into glittering gold treasures for the Christmas tree.  I love these!  The gold gives them a touch of elegance, but the fact that they are simple pinecones keeps these ornaments from looking too opulent.

You can get Vidya’s tips for painting pine cones at What’s Ur Home Story.