Dresser Refresher

wardrobe dresser

At her blog, I Dig Pinterest, Christine shared a fun makeover. This dresser had been on her to-do list for a while, so as soon as the weather got better, she went to work giving it a new look.

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Cabinet Makeover for a Little Girl

OhOh Blog cabinet before

Here’s another gorgeous rescue from Ama of Ohoh Blog.  Ama had an old cabinet that wasn’t very tall.  She realized it was the perfect height for her little girl to used as a dresser.

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Vintage Window Art

old window

When Kelly from The Pink Hammer removed a wall decal from her daughter’s room in preparation for a house showing, she hated to just throw it away. Instead Kelly looked for a new home for the decal that could travel with them and came upon an old window from her stash that was a perfect match.

old window

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Reupholstered Storage Bench

Heidi from My Beautiful Mess got this upholstered storage bench at a garage sale years ago and was about to take it to Goodwill when she decided to save it and make it new. With a fun new color and fabric, the bench has found new life in Heidi’s daughter’s room. It’s the perfect place {…Read More…}

Handpainted Forest Table

Catherine from Paisley & Polka Dot Threads had been on the lookout for a desk for her daughter’s room. When she saw this little table sitting in the rain, she grabbed it up for the job. It was pretty nasty, but that kind of comes with the roadkill rescuing territory.   Catherine’s plan for the {…Read More…}

Geometric Stenciled Dresser

Mandy at Sugar Bee Crafts made a u-turn when she saw this dresser sitting on the side of the road. The piece was solid wood and in pretty decent shape. It’s always a wonder what people will throw away! But, hey, Mandy’s gain since the dresser was perfect for her daughters’ bedroom. Mandy “girlied” it {…Read More…}

Decoupage Bedside Table


Kristen from Inspired Whims had a 1980s bedside table that would be perfect for her daughter’s nursery. However, it needed a little updating before it could make its way from the garage into the house. Kristen purposefully chose a paint color and paper pattern for the drawer fronts that wasn’t too babyish and would grow {…Read More…}