Old Gutters to Strawberry Garden

Day2Day Supermom gutters before

Marcy blogs at Day2Day Supermom.  When she spotted a lettuce garden made from gutters on Pinterest, Marcy immediately thought of the old gutters lying out behind her husband’s shop.  Instead of lettuce, though, Marcy was craving strawberries!

Day2Day Supermom gutters before

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DIY Pallet Veggie Garden

The Bunch pallet garden before

Tracie blogs over at The Bunch.  She’s been trying various ways to get a garden started in a challenging backyard environment for the past few years.  This season, she hit upon a great way to make inexpensive garden boxes using salvaged pallets.

The Bunch pallet garden before

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Tin Can Succulent Garden

Eliza K tin can before

Here’s a quick and easy upcycling project from Eliza of Eliza K.  You should have most of the materials you need for this right on hand–especially if you’ve warmed up any canned soup, lately.

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Reclaimed Fence Wood Planter

windows and more[3]

Gail from My Repurposed Life brought home a sweet little stash of goodies after visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Nashville. Shutters, windows, fence posts… Ooolala! When entrusted to sustain some succulents until she could get them to her daughter, Gail turned to those old fence posts to create a rustic planter. She even repurposed {…Read More…}

Raised Garden Bed

Sherry from Pondered Primed Perfected got this bed frame awhile back and covered it with plywood to make a stage for her preschoolers. It worked great, but it had done it’s time as a stage and needed to move on. As Sherry and her husband were preparing to dismantle and recycle the wood, she had {…Read More…}

Outdoor Garden Armoire

Karin from Art Is Beauty got this armoire from a friend who had recently moved. It had been damaged in the move, and one of the doors was ripped off. Karin’s original plan to repair the door and put the armoire in her bedroom came to a halt when she realized it would make the {…Read More…}

Succulent Wagon Planter

The gardening gurus over at Far Out Flora are full of all kinds of fun ideas for dressing up your outdoor space. Megan shares how she created a succulent planter full of old-school style from an old Radio Flyer wagon. This idea has me thinking of the myriad of objects that could be turned into {…Read More…}

Tire Planter Columns

You may not be a stranger to tire planters, but Titti from Shoestring Pavilion has taken them to a whole new level. Literally! Of course, you can’t have a tire planter without first rescuing an old tire. After creating her planters from the old tires, Titti gave them a grand appearance by resting them atop {…Read More…}