cabinet 3 drawer

Forgotten Cabinet Becomes Pretty Again

This little cabinet was discovered in the attic by Camille of Gustave & Voltaire when she moved into her home. "When I saw it I realized how beautiful it could look," Camille tells us. "Like in that 80's movie when the plain secretary transforms into a bomb by letting her hair down and taking off her glasses." Ha!

A Pair of Louis Chairs Made New

When Dena from Hearts and Sharts told her realtor than a basement workshop was a must for her--since she loves refinishing furniture--her realtor was quick to offer her some of the furniture languishing in her own basement. So....this project is courtesy Dena's real estate agent, who passed along these Louis chairs.
Rendition Road wood box before

Francophile Chest Makeover

Over at Rendition Road, Stacey tells us, "I found this solid, hand built chest tossed curbside & took her home.  I could tell it was hand built by someone who knew what they were doing. She was in such bad shape though, cleanliness wise, that she needed some intensive care once I got her home." Rendition Road wood box before