Magazine Page to Art

At The Tender Garden, Alena shares an interesting and inexpensive art project.  It all begins with a thrifted frame and a copy of National Geographic.


To make this minimalist art piece, Alena painted the thrifted frame white.  While it was drying, she selected a photo from the magazine that appealed to her.  Once the frame was dry, Alena reassembled the frame with the photo she’d chosen.  She taped off part of the assembled frame and painted a portion of the frame a pretty shade of blue for a paint-dipped effect.  The result is a unique statement piece!


Get all the details on this artwork at The Tender Garden.

Old Frame Becomes a Blooming Wreath

Looking for a fresh new look for her front door decor, Cindy of Little Miss Celebration was inspired by the silk peonies that she spotted at her local craft store.  She thought of a unique way to display them right there, on the spot.  She just needed to withdraw a frame from her collection of old ones that is gathering dust.


After Cindy repainted the frame, she attached floral wire netting to the back.  She filled the pocket (created by the floral wire) with the beautiful peonies from the craft store.  A cute banner across the top of this rectangular wreath completes the project.  Isn’t it beautiful?


Check out the tutorial for this pretty wreath at

From Lampshade to Basket

“This lampshade originally came with a vintage lamp I picked up at the Goodwill,” explains Carrie at Lovely Etc.  “The lamp got a quick makeover and a new, updated shade…and the shade got torn apart. ”  She ended up saving the wire frame of the shade.  Recently, she realized that it could be repurposed into a basket.



To turn the old lampshade into a basket, Carrie needed to strip what fabric was left off of the wire frame.  Next, she wrapped chicken wire around the frame, using  pliers to bend the wire around so that there were no sharp pieces sticking out.  “I love it for holding blankets for fall.  But it is also pretty awesome for holding magazines or even firewood,” Carrie says.  Would you even guess that the new basket used to be a lampshade?


Follow Carrie’s detailed tutorial at Lovely Etc. to make a wire basket of your own.

Craft Gone Wrong Gets Rescued

Over at The Little Moments, Amy Jo rescued this badly-made frame from the dumpster at her local ReStore.  “Honestly, I don’t blame them,” she laughs.  “They are in the business of architectural salvage, not ‘crafts gone wrong’ salvage.”


Amy Jo, on the other hand, was willing to overlook the sloppy carving and unfinished wood because a frame is a frame.  She knew it would take more than paint to cover up the frame’s imperfections.  She used strips of fabric torn from vintage sheets to wrap around the frame, instead.  Instead of putting a picture in the frame, Amy Jo stapled chicken wire onto the back of the frame.  She can use clothespins now to attach notes or pictures onto the chicken wire.  Great idea!


To find out more about this frame rescue, visit The Little Moments.

Perfectly Imperfect Mirror

When Sabine from Mom in Music City found this mirror on the side of the road, it didn’t have a frame.  Using some other found materials, she dressed up the mirror to reflect her own unique style.


Sabine had some old fencing that was left behind in her yard by the previous homeowners.  She cut the boards to fit around the mirror, creating a frame.  She gave the weathered wood a wash of aqua paint.  “The wood frame has plenty of cracks and flaws. But don’t you think they add personality and charm to the mirror?” Sabine notes.  “It’s a one of a kind and no store sells the exact mirror.”  It’s a great addition to her daughter’s bedroom.


Make sure you click over to Mom in Music City to learn more about this rescued mirror makeover.

Agate Art

Corinna blogs at For My Love Of.  There, she shares an idea for creating art from nature.  In Corinna’s case, she had some beautiful agate slices leftover from another craft project.

agate slice

Turning the colorful geode slices into art was fairly simple.  Corinna glued the agates onto pieces of poster board.  The poster board was already measured and cut to fit in some dollar store shadow box frames.  She slipped the boards back into the frames and they were ready to display!  Aren’t those colors gorgeous?


Go to For My Love Of to learn more about this agate art.

Patio Chairs Upcycled to Garden Swing Seat

Cheryl blogs at The Creative Me and My McG.  When the cushions of her garden swing seat became too damaged to use, Cheryl noticed that some patio chairs she’d saved from a neighbor’s garbage matched the swing frame and fit inside the seat area.  She joked to her husband that it was too bad they couldn’t use the chairs as seats for the swing, and he took it as a challenge!


Cheryl’s husband, “McG,” cut off the chair legs.  He drilled holes in the frame and secured the chairs with washers and screws. Once McG was done, all Cheryl had to do was replace the top cloth she’d made the year before to have her garden swing ready for another summer season!  Isn’t it nice to have a handy husband around?


Visit Cheryl at The Creative Me and My McG for all the details on how patio chairs became a seat for a garden swing!

Window Framed Doilies

Over at her blog, Flimsy Pi, Karen explains that a friend gifted her with several old windows.  “When we picked them up from her house my husband thanked her for ‘feeding my habit’,” Karen laughs.  She decided to use the first window as a display for some handmade doilies, a gift from another friend. 


Before turning this window into a frame, Karen painted over the old finish.  She did a layer of black chalk paint, first, so she’d have some contrast that would show up when she distressed the finish after painting it with white milk paint.  Karen mixed up both chalk and milk paints herself, using instructions she found online.  Once the paint was dried and distressed, Karen tacked the doilies up behind the panes.  It’s a lovely way to display her friend’s handiwork!


Visit Flimsy Pi to learn more about this repurposed window.