Denim Stars and Stripes Garland in Tokyo

Jeans are Alyssa’s go-to, which means she goes through a lot of them–and then refuses to throw them away, “since I’m a hoarder denim is so expensive.” While living in Japan, Alyssa has to make her own Fourth of July decorations. At Alyssa & Carla this awesome expat is showing us how her worn out jeans will play a starring role this year!


Alyssa traced and cut out five felt stars, then started cutting flat pieces of denim into squares. She drew lines into the fabric and used her scissors to create the fringe, which she then turned into a tassel using fabric strips and hot glue. She alternated tassels and red stars to create a fabulous patriotic garland. Way to represent abroad, Alyssa!

4th-of-july-garland-from-denim-jeansSee the complete instructions at Alyssa & Carla.

Rag Ribbon Garland for Summer Holidays

Michele blogs at The Scrap Shoppe, and she has a great no-sew way to use up some of the fabric scraps in your stash! Michele loves summer decorating, and keeps her stuff up “from Memorial Day to Labor Day.” Her red white & blue rag ribbon garland definitely has me feeling patriotic, but I’m also thinking about other color combinations that would look great throughout the year!


After she gathered up her fabrics (you can use ribbon too!) Michele cut them all into 15″ lengths. Then she started making strips. She looped each strip carefully around a length of twine, using a tricky technique to make sure the back sides of the fabric strips remained hidden. Michele says, “I added the strips in no particular order, only following a red then white then blue pattern.” I loved the way this turned out!



See how Michele created this garland at The Scrap Shoppe.

Crib Mattress Spring Turned American Flag

At Redhead Can Decorate, the 1969 crib Julie and her siblings slept in as babies had been sitting in her attic, not meeting safety requirements for use, but waiting, dreaming of the day Julie would repurpose it into an American flag!  And it gets better, because the transformation was fast and easy!

redhead can decorate before

Julie used the mattress spring from the old crib, which happened to have exactly thirteen rows–perfect for the thirteen stripes of the American Flag!  She weaved red and white ribbon through the rows of springs for the stripes, then weaved blue ribbon for the field of stars.  Julie secured the ribbon with Zots and glue, then added on white stars to complete  her brand-new Old Glory!   Her last step was tying on a piece of rope to each end so she could hang it up.  I’m blown away, aren’t you?  Surely I’m not the only one who needs some last-minute American pride around my house before July 4th!

redhead can decorate after

Learn more about Julie’s crib makeover at Redhead Can Decorate.

Patriotic Mason Jars Centerpiece

At Mason Jar Crafts Love, Linda shares her love for Mason jars and all the creative possibilities they provide.  Recently she decided to take three old Mason jars and make them into a patriotic centerpiece for the Fourth of July!

mason jar crafts love before

To transform her jars into an Old Glory-inspired centerpiece, Linda started by painting two jars white and one jar blue with acrylic paint.  On the two white jars, she taped off stripes with washi tape and painted on red stripes.  Linda made her own star stamp by attaching rubber stars she found in the kids’ section at the craft store on top of an old wine cork.  She stamped white stars onto the blue jar, then used a bit of sandpaper to give all three jars a distressed finish.  I think these jars are the perfect way to add patriotic pride to any table, don’t you?

mason jar crafts love after

Learn more about how Linda painted the Mason jars at Mason Jar Crafts Love.

Wood Pallet Flag

When Michelle from Sweet Something Designs saw a pallet sitting curbside in her very own neighborhood, she excitedly asked her husband to go snag it for her. While the owner may have seen a piece of trash, Michelle saw a perfectly good piece of wood that needed rescuing.


Since the Fourth of July was right around the corner, Michelle decided to give the pallet a patriotic spin. Michelle and her husband took apart the pallet and then reassembled it with some scrap wood to create a rectangle. Michelle used her paints to create a red, white, and blue beauty to adorn her front porch.

Pallet Flag 

Go to Sweet Something Designs for the tutorial.