Old Stool Gets a New Finish

This old stool was languishing at a garage sale, unsold.  Needless to say, Holly walked away with it for free and blogged about it’s transformation at McCall Manor.


It was evident that this stool had spent time in a smoker’s home.  Holly knew that the only hope for it was a good coat or two of paint and possibly time out of doors.  She chose to coat it with milk paint, mixed in a lovely shade of green.  It’s cute as can be now, out on her front porch.


Find out which brand (and color) of milk paint Holly used by visiting McCall Manor.

Curbside Find to Cable Knit Footstool

Tempest blogs at Ellomennopee.  “I’ve always wanted a footstool, I blame Disney,” she confesses.  (That footstool puppy in Beauty and the Beast is pretty irresistible!)  Hence the reason why Tempest rescued this worn out footstool from the curb.


After cleaning and sanding the footstool, Tempest painted the wood a nice clean white.  Then she used an old cable knit jumper as fabric to recover the cushion.  What a lovely result!


Read more about Tempest’s footstool makeover at Ellomennopee.

A Little Gold Makes This Footstool Shine

When Sara, from Thrifty Treasures, found this footstool, it was looking pretty frumpy.  Faded upholstery in a dated fabric covered a lumpy, bumpy shape.  There was something about the shape of the little claw feet, though, that made her think the stool had some possibilities.

Thrifty Treasures footstool before

After ripping off all of the old upholstery, Sara coated the claw feet with gold spray paint.  She replaced the old foam and upholstery with new.  The fabric Sara chose was a stunning, bright blue with gold embroidery that completely coordinated with the footstool’s now gold legs!  She tufted the top of the stool with fabric covered buttons to give it more shape.  The result is a footstool that is much more visually interesting.  Great job, Sara!

Thrifty Treasures footstool after

Visit Thrifty Treasures to get the details on how Sara reupholstered this footstool.

Cable Spool to Upholstered Stool

At The Shabby Creek Cottage, Gina’s husband works for a cable  company, so she has easy access to the leftover wooden cable spools.  She realized that the shape and height of the spools was just right for becoming a stool.

The Shabby Creek Cottage cable spool before

Gina totally got her green on with this project–starting with the upcycled cable spool and going on to reuse a cardboard box to build the sides of the stool.  She added some padding to soften things up, and then covered the stool in a gorgeous turquoise fabric.   Gina completely transformed a utiltarian throw-away into a beautiful and comfortable addition to her home.

The Shabby Creek Cottage cable spool after

You can view Gina’s detailed tutorial at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

Children’s Footstools from $2 Table

Crystal from Fussy Monkey Business says, “I bought this table for $2 from my friend’s grandfather. I didn’t know what I would do with it because of it’s odd shape, so it sat in the garage for A LONG TIME.”

Fussy Monkey Business stool after Fussy Monkey Business stool before

Recently, Crystal got the idea to saw the table in half and turn it into footstools for her children.  Wasn’t that creative?  Spruced up with paint, she was able to get two new useful pieces of furniture for the price of one!  I like the way she personalized each stool–too cute!

Fussy Monkey Business stool after

You can find out more about this project at Fussy Monkey Business.

Yardstick Stool

When KariAnne of Thistlewood Farm found a whole bunch of yardsticks at a thrift store, she brought them home and made a list of all the ways she might use them.  First project on her list was making this fun yardstick stool.

All it took was a cute, chippy red footstool she already had and some of those yardsticks to make a bench with tons of character.  I adore that yardstick topped seat–I can think of so many fun places to use this!  It’s perfect for back to school decor, Christmas, Valentine’s Day….too cute!

Visit Thistlewood Farm to see how KariAnne made this stool.

Reupholstered Stool

Kristin from Intentionally Inspired found this cute little stool during citywide dump day. She felt pretty blessed by such a unique find and knew it deserved better than the dump.

curbside stool

With new paint and new fabric it looks like a completely different stool. Kristin points out that this is an extremely simple process for refabbing a stool or chair. Lucky for her, the former owners didn’t know that. I have a feeling they wouldn’t kick it to the curb now!

curbside stool refinished

Check it out at Intentionally Inspired.

Reupholstered Stool

Catherine from Paisley & Polka Dot Threads was lucky enough to find this stool on Freecycle for, of course, FREE! The lady getting rid of it told Catherine it was “sturdy, but ugly.” Luckily, ugly is easy to fix!

refabbed stool before

Catherine had to prep the frame for painting by chipping off veneer and sanding it smooth. She also had to remove layers of fabric (including bright yellow fleece!) before she could update the seat with her fabulous navy and white print. Catherine says, “With a bit of paint and some new bold fabric, it’s the perfect inspiration for my main bedroom.”

refabbed stool after

Find the tutorial at Paisley & Polka Dot Threads.