Rustic Wood Angel Wing

Have you seen those gorgeous carved wood angel wings that are becoming a coveted decor trend?  Well, Deb of Lake Girl Paints figured out how to make one of her own using scraps of wood and fence pickets.

plywood, lath, fence pickets

Using a piece of plywood as a base, Deb layered the thinner pieces of wood over the top in several different patterns to create texture and visual interest.  The next part was where Deb’s talent as an artist really shone.  She painted the wood to give it a more weathered, rustic look.  She also hand-lettered part of a favorite verse onto the wing.  The addition of a rustic hinge really adds to the effect, making the wing seem like a piece of architectural salvage–just the look Deb was going for!

wooden angel wing

Visit Lake Girl Paints to find out more about this pretty angel’s wing.

Gratitude and Wood Fencing

“As Fall approaches, I think about family dinners, getting together, and giving thanks,” says Deb at Lake Girl Paints.  To celebrate the season, she decided to repurpose some fence boards into some board art with grateful sentiments.
“I always enjoy using up old fence boards – even new ones too. They make great board art,” Deb notes.  After putting her boards together in the shape and dimmensions she wanted, Deb gave the whole thing a wash of brown paint.  She layered gray stain and white paint over that, creating subtle stripes on her boards.  Deb used chalk and pencil to transfer words and a fun arrow motif onto her board, painting them with acrylic paints.  The result is a perfect sign for a dining room or harvest vignette.
Thanksgiving Sign
Visit Lake Girl Paints to get all the details on the paints Deb used and her techniques.

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Over at Rustique Restoration, Jen and Brock found a way to repurpose some salvaged wood fencing (like that pictured below) and get a lovely way to display Jen’s collection of white dishes.

fence to wall art

They started with some weathered wood from an old fence that a friend had passed along to them.  Since Jen loves the pairing of old wood with crisp white, deciding to turn the fencing into a display shelf was a natural progression.  They cut the boards to size and built a box first, then used more boards to make the shelves.  Jen stained all of the wood with Mixwax Jacobean.  It made a truly lovely way to show off the white dishes.

reclaimed-wood-shelf reclaimed-wood-shelf

Click over to Rustique Restoration to get more specifics on this shelf.




Free Fence Post Projects

A while back, Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIYer had the opportunity to collect some discarded fencing–for free!  “It had been cut into the perfect 4 X 4 stack,” she notes.  She’s been able to get a lot of mileage from that pile of boards.  Want to see some of her projects?


Christy painted most of the boards a creamy white and distressed them to show off the weathered wood underneath.  She cut the boards into different shapes and sizes to create the right pieces for her projects.  Many of the boards became decorative signs.  Some of them turned into a faux-vintage toolbox.  Other boards became part of a pretty serving tray.  Some of the things Christy made from the free wood she was even able to sell at a craft market.  Way to make use of your rescue, Christy!


Visit Confessions of a Serial DIYer to learn more about these projects.

Wall Art from Fence Boards

Deb of Lake Girl Paints is a talented artist.  I always love seeing her projects because she adds her artistic touch to things that might otherwise be overlooked.  Like these fence boards:

Lake Girl Paints fence boards before

Deb saw some unused fence boards and reimagined them as some pretty spring decor for her walls.  She started by nailing the boards together to make panels of varying sizes.  Next, she stained the boards with a dark stain.  After that, she layered on paint and finished the boards with painted images that spoke the word “Spring” to her:  a nest, a feather, and an egg.  Beautiful!

Lake Girl Paints fence boards after

You can find out more about Deb’s wall art project at Lake Girl Paints.

Reclaimed Wood Tray

Zu Haus At Home is the name of Moni’s blog.  Imagine her surprise and delight when her husband presented her with this lovely serving tray.

Zu Haus At Home wood before

What is special about this tray, besides it being a gift from her husband?  Well, as Moni explains, it’s the fact that he made this tray using reclaimed wood from discarded wood fence panels.  Thoughtful, handy, and green–sounds like he’s a keeper, Moni!  I love the pretty detail of the ornate handles–they look really good against the weathered wood.

Zu Haus At Home wood after

You can read more about this wood tray from old fencing at Zu Haus At Home.

Easter Plaque from Wood Fence Scraps

Over at Designed Decor, DeDe wanted to make some new Spring/Easter decor items to decorate her mantel.  She had some wood scraps leftover from an outdoor fencing project that she decided to use for one project.

Designed Decor fence boards

DeDe started out by cutting several boards and screwing them together to create a plaque.  She treated the wood with a dark stain.  Next, DeDe used contact paper and her Silhouette machine to make a stencil of sorts.  She randomly painted around the stencil, then removed the contact paper to reveal the wood-toned lettering beneath.  Now, she has a beautiful Easter sentiment to display.

Designed Decor fence board plaque

You can get more details on this project at Designed Decor.


New Backsplash from Old Fence Boards

At Marty’s Musings, Marty had a kitchen backsplash that had seen better days and no longer suited her kitchen decor.  Outside, she had a pile of wood salvaged from a neighbors old fence.  Marty and her husband figured out a way to transform both.

Marty's Musings backsplash before collage

And here’s where things get amazing:  the resourceful pair covered up the unsightly backsplash with the weathered wood boards.  The color variations in the old wood are perfect for tying together the colors of the existing countertops and cabinets in Marty’s kitchen.  It’s an unbelievably cool makeover that cost next to nothing!

Marty's Musings backsplash after

You can find out how to achieve a similar look for your kitchen at Marty’s Musings.